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Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA

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Old 08-30-2008, 06:47 AM   #1
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA

Hey Everyone!

I am sorry for not posting for a while! Thigs just really started getting out of control and I had to stay down and try to get it all worked out.

This is what has been going on!

Ever since a few weeks ago when I went to the ER for the spasm in my neck...of course the end result was high pain levels that have been persistant.

My PM is on Vaction so I am out of luck with all that. He has been out for a while came in a few days for office visists at his far away office which I could not afford to drive to. It is alos and hour and 15 min drive there through the mountains one way and even if I had the money I just could not do it or find anyone to drive me in my own car.

On Wed. The Surgery Center called and said they would NOT do surgery unless I paid 1/2 the estamated cost of the facility charges. The estamated amount for 1/2 was $18,000 bucks!!! Well this came as a shock because I was under the understanding the attorney was working out a lien agreement with them. They assured me there was no such thing in the works as they do not do those. I know my attorney had been having trouble getting contact with the correct person there. So just in case he could not get the Lien in place I with many tears and a lot of assertiveness got them talked down to a $10,000 dollar payment on the date of surgery. Now I made this agreement knowing I only have a $4200 dollar limit on my credit card so the rest has to come from family. I immediatley notified my Mom of the potential issues and that there may not be a surgery if this is not worked out.

Mean-while my emotions are now in knots and I am STRESSED to the BREAKING point ...... but wait It gets BETTER!

I get with the attorney and he says he is still working on it and he will get back to me.
A few weeks ago I signed a Lien agreement with the Ortho Spine Surgeons office for surgery. I get A phone call from them on Wed afternoon saying they have not signed it and want the surgeons portion paid in full on the date of surgery! His estamated portion $23,000 dollars. OK MY MOUTH DROPED OPEN!! No I am freaked out and seething at the same time..
I said I did not know how that would work. I got back with the attorney and he told me he is still working on everything and he will call me Thursday morning before he goes to court.

So I had big huge pain levels and my emotions are just off the chart. I cried myself to sleep after taking a anti-nausea med because I was sick to my stomach from the pain and stress.

Thursday morning the Anesthesia services call me and say they want $2,500 dollars up front or they will not be there for surgery. I tell the lady that all the resources I have went to the surgery center and I have no money to give them. She said OK well I will inform everyone and take you off the plan, and HUNG UP ON ME!!!!

This is when I really really LOST IT!!!! I signned a lien agreement with them and I know for a fact they have already signed it because the attorney has told me so.

So I call the attorney and I am crying. I tell him that changing the date of this surgery IS NOT AN OPTION! He says to calm down and tells me he is working on trying to contact the car insurance I had at the time to try and get them to pay out some money ahead of time. So he says in the meantime to go rest and he will work it out with the anesthesia services.

He did get the anesthesia services thing worked out. It was a miscomunication and they did in fact hae a signed Lien agreement with them.

To my disbelief the woman who hung up on me from the anesthesia place called back to also confirm there was a lien in place and apologized for the miscommunication. I was shocked that she appologized.

So the entire day goes by and I am hearing nothing from anyone. My pain and spasms are just off the charts.
I am a week short on my valium because the time when I had the spasm the ER doc was going to prescribe me some and I said NO becasue it would break the contract with the PM. He authorized in the notes for me to take an extra valium (5mg) if needed to keep the spasm under control.
So on Thursday I ran out and can't see the PM ... so I am doing my best to stay as down as possible. Thank God so Far I have not gotten a big huge bad spasm or I would be in the ER.

Finally!! at 5:50 pm.. I get a call from the attorney telling me that he had a conferance call with the car insurance company and he said they agreed to OVer-Night a Big enough check to cover the Surgeons FULL payment and the Surgery Center's FULL payment. Lets hope it will be a reality!

I was shocked! Happy yes! Still stressed though! My pain levels are high, I am sticking close to home. I will make a 12 step meeting today and then that will be it. Church tomorrow and maybe a quick stop at the grocery and I will be on my couch for the remainder of each day til the day before surgery.

Tuesday, the day before surgery is a busy day. In the morning I have to go to the surgery center and do what they call a "Hold-Clot" blood test. It is where they do the Blood typing so incase you might need a transfusion they can find the closet matched bllod to your oqn type. Well it is your type, but the closest in relation to the other attributes of your blood.

Then after that I go to the Surgeons office and get fitted with my Aspen Hard collar. This I will wear ffrom 4-6 weeks or more depending on how I am doing

After that my Mom will arrive and I think we may go get a pedicure and hae a quiet dinner at my house.

There is one thing I am really concerned about.

My surgery check in time is at 12 pm and surgery at 2 pm. The nurse in the pre-op said nothing to eat or drink after midnight. I asked about all my meds and the fact that surgery is not until 2pm??? She said I could only take the Morphine sulfate at 7 am and then nothing else.

I am concerned that by Noon I will be at a pain level of 10!! I always need something for breakthrough pain before the mid-day dose! All the anxiety of the surgery and waiting~!!! I swear my pain will be sky-rocketed!!

I tried to explain it all but it did not make a differnece. I guess I will bring it up to the Surgeons office at the Pre-op

So friends it has been very tough not only pain wise, but mentally spirituall and emotionally. I am as ready as I can be for the surgery, but I do not think it will be a reality untill I wake up from the surgery and anesthesia! The I will know it DID finally happen!!

Again...I am sorry for going AWALL on you...I just was frantic and needed to stay down.

I hope the check has arrived and is ready to go to the bank on Tuesday. Or even today if it is here. I know my attorney goes to his office and shuffles papers on Sat's and Sun's. I have seen him going into the office before on the way to my Saturday morning 12 step meeting. He has even called me to let me know things on a weekend day before.

So please send out all the good vibes that all is in place for Spet. 3rd.


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cmpgirl HB User
Re: Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA

Chrissy honey,

I'm not even sure what to say! What a hellacious day Wednesday had to have been for you. After waiting and pushing so hard for this surgery to become a reality, this must have been just devastating. I'm so glad that your attorney got everything straightened out. Whew!

Please know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers, always. I will be praying extra hard and loud for you on the day of the procedure. I will check in from time to time, in the following days, to see if you've been up to posting any updates. Just make sure that you rest before hand and I'm glad that your mom will be there with you. Does she know how to get in here and post? I mean, could she post a quick note and let us know how everything went?

Anyway, I'm here for you, if you need anything. And I'm sending all kinds of positive thoughts and vibes your way. Many, many hugs, CMP/MM

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Confused089 HB User
Re: Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA


*Just reread your post and realized that some of it *is* getting worked out - I missed the part about the check from the ins. company. I'm sorry this has been so stressful, and that your pain has increased so much. I might ask your PM about the medication issue and the surgery. I realize he's out of town, but could you call him? Is he going to supervise your post-op pain control? It doesn't sound good that you won't be taking your regular dose of meds right before the surgery. I'm just wondering if he might be able to talk to someone in the surgeon's office about how to handle the pre-op pain meds.

I hope things improve soon. Keep posting if it's helpful.

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forginon HB User
Re: Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA


You are being dragged through a knothole backwards, as my dad says.

I can't believe how this whole episode is unveiling. It's crazy. I am thoroughly amazed you haven't lost it sweetie. Really. It must be by only by the grace of God that you are holding up. You have no idea how strong you are Chrissy. And I'm not just saying that. I don't think I have ever seen another human being go through what you have endured and remain on their feet. You are remarkable. Anybody that crosses you will ultimately curse the day they were born.

All I can say is hang in there and I will pray for you. I feel so badly for you. You don't need all this aggravation.


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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA

Wow Chrissy, that is abit much for anyone. By now everyone of us know stress is a bugger when you are in pain. you should not have had to go through any of that. I feel terrable for you. Sometimes life can chew you up & spit you out, but you are to strong for that.
I dont blame you for worrying about being able to take you pain meds, I did the same with every procedure. When pain flares out of control its not a pretty picture. I am glad everything worked out for you, I am just so sorry you had to go through it at all. Not long now. God bless sweetie & know you have so many prayers going out for you that if we had to use a phone to call them in nobody would get through,lol. Hang in there, Sammy

Old 08-31-2008, 02:39 PM   #6
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA

Hey Everyone,

First I would like to say to all of you thank you for the encouragement and kind things you have said.

I am sorry I have not checked in much lately. I have been trying to do some things I know I won't be able to do for a while. Also I have been trying to pre-pare my home and organize my dresser and closet so when/if I am unable to get clothes on my own the first mom will be able to locate things by my

I also wanted to clear my desk off so that when I was up on my bed in my bed room, but wanted my mom just to be near I thought it would be good for her so she could use the desk for any computer stuff she is doing.

Lots of clothes washing over this last week..sheets, blankets..that sort of thing. Just trying to make sure there is extra stuff available and clean.

YES I have been over doing it. i have been trying to only tackle one or two things a day then rest and/or do other things that do not involve any moving of things.

First thing on Tuesday morning I will call the attorney to see if the check came and got deposited so that the surgery center and Surgeon will be able to get paid as of the surgery date. I need to know in my head that everything is in order and there is NO chance of me getting to the surgery center and then being told that it is a no go because the money things are not in order. That would really be just to much for me to handle.

So Saturday I had planned to stay clost to home after my 12 step meeting but I decided I would go to the bead store were my friend works and the manager is also a friend, and hang out and work on a small project I am doing. I stayed for a while then did some gracery shopping and went home. It was good to go and hang out with them because I know I won't be doing any of that for a while ofter the surgery.

As for my PM...he is not part of anything until I am referred back to him by the surgeon.

Tuesday Morning I will be going to the Surgery Center to do the Hold Clot for my blood. The at 11:45 am I will go to the Surgeons office for the fitting of my collar. I will have an Aspen collar for 4-6 weeks. I will also ask while I am there if everything is in order financially for the surgery.
When in the Surgeons office I will ask them about the pain meds I will be allowed to take the morning of surgery. I will ask if maybe they could allow me to have something in the pre-op setting. I think that would be best. If they were to say give me some valium that would help with the pain and the anxiety. Or maybe at the least let me take my miday does of something it could be as light as just two 10/325 percocets...something to help.

My Mom is supposed to be here around 3 pm and we had talked about having a pedicure done so I am not sure if we are still on for that. We are going to have a good home cooked meal and watch a movie on Tuesday night. I am going to try and stay up late so I will be tired in the morning. We also are going to go to the 7 am Mass at my church.

Right now I feel the only concern I have is about all the financial stuff! I mean I want to know FOR SURE there is no chance of me getting to the surgery center and then getting canceled. That is my biggest fear. To make it all the way there and then be sent home would just do me right in. Not to mention I would not even have any meds left because I would have normally seen the PM on the 4th of Sept.

For now I am done with all the house stuff, and can take it easy and read some school work and also a book for fun that I am reading. It is time to relax and take it easy untill Tuesday when I will have plenty to do.

My pain is still high and this morning I was up at 3 am. I could not get back to sleep because the burning pain in-between my shoulder blades was just excruciating, and my neck had the burning pain that radiated into the clavicle a tiny bit. Then while I was at church around 8 am I was having a bit of a spasm in my shoulder and neck. I also had bad arm fatigue/heaviness. My entire left arm just felt heavy and also it felt like I had a blood pressure cuff on..weird! I made it through the service and came home and did some chores. Now I am down for the day.


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Re: Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA

I'm so sorry you had to deal with this! It really makes me appreciate that my insurance company has paid for my surgery and treatments (except many meds) without too much of a fuss. I am really hoping that the payment issues are resolved before your surgery date. I don't when you have your surgery scheduled, but I am thinking good thoughts for you.

Regarding the need for medication before surgery: I was able to speak with my anesthesiologist before my surgery (about a day before) and I told him that I HAD to take some medications in the morning when I got up. He told me I could take them with one drink of water, and really made it sound like it was not a big deal. He said the main reason they have you not eat or drink is to prevent you from getting sick from the anesthesia and vomiting, which of course would cause huge problems when you are on the ventilator. He said people get surgery all of the time after they have eaten (in emergencies) and that it is really just a precaution. He told me to not worry about taking a small amount of water for any pills I needed to take that morning. See if you can talk to one of the doctors or nurses about this. The other option would be to see if they could give you something IV when you get there. I got my IV started about 4 hours before the surgery, and they gave me valium through IV because I was really anxious. Maybe they can give you morphine or something for pain while you are waiting. That would eliminate the whole food and water debate.

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery! I am really hoping it gives you some relief.

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