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My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.

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Old 08-31-2008, 06:56 AM   #1
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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.

OK everyone I have been wanting to get your opinion on my GPs visit.
As some of you know came down with some virus. After several days of a fever & headache, & not being able to swallow, made an appointment.

I usually see the NP, as she is easier to get into & for the most part takes more time explaining then some of the doctors. Well took my list of ingreidants that were used in my ESIs, due to not wanting anymore steriods, just in case. The PM clinic told me to make sure the paper goes with me if I go into ER or anything like that.
I told the MA that I was in PM & the PMs name, mind you I could barely talk & felt pretty nasty. First of all she was the rudest MA I have ever seen there. They are all pretty nice. Actually gave me a nasty look & tapped her foot when I choked when she was trying to get my throat culture.
Anyway keep in mind this is the office who started me on pain meds & sent me off to all the specialists.
The NP came in & went over all the symptoms, she said she was giving me an injection for the headache & all that good stuff. I handed her the paper from the ESIs, & explained it was part of what the PM was doing. She acted like she did not know I was in PM, the assistant never said a word or charted it.
Then ask what I was on. Proceded to tell me this PM should be trying Lyrica & that line of meds, now I am looking at her like, lady you tried me on all that in the beginning. Then proceded to tell me I can expect to have increase sensativity to every kind of pain due to the narcotics.

Now here is the part that did me in.
She did not know what ESIs were & ask if she could make a copy of the paper so they would have it on file for the future, to know to be careful with steroids & so forth.
Then as she walked me up front she told the receptionist to make a copy of all the papers & under her breath said "so we know who else she is being seen by & then glanced at me quickly & back at the receptionist & said & all that", I was blown away since I told her MA, she actually acted like I was trying to keep it from her. I had all kinds of other papers attatched & the receptionist was looking at her like she could not figure out what she wanted her to do. I looked at her & pulled his card out & said "I have his card, would you like a copy of that to" I was not pleased at all. I got the feeling that she was not bieng up front with me. I never asked for anything for pain, but did appreciate the injection of toradol (sp). I did tell her I would be moving to a LA soon if the ESIs did not prove to be helpful. She said well you should try the other meds, like Lyrica, which I had nasty effects from, my Rehab doc took me off those.
I have been treted different every since being put on narcotics, & this office
is the one who started me on them. My husband & I both talked to her about our concerns about being on them long term months ago. She actually said I was undermedicating myself.
I was blown away by the way I was treated. Like I was trying to hide the fact I was in PM. I know there was the mix up with the Rehab doctor before surgery & the GPs office had to fill my oxycodone. he told them he informed me to discontinue, when in fact he did not. I was the one who asked him if I could take it at night & stay on perco. during the day. I am really fed up with all of this & will not go back to her again. I am tired of being treated like I have the plague. Its so unfair. Trust me when I tell you this was not my imagination.
She said one thing to me & another to the receptionist. I was honsetly embarressed. I came home so upset, on top of being so ill.
I am done being treated like that & will try another doctor in the same office & then if that does not work will ask my PM if he knows of a good GP.
If the lady would have taken 5 minutes to look at my chart she would have seen she tried my on Lryica last year. I also dont think she needs to question my PMs choices of meds for me. She did say he needs to put me on the patch or something like that.
When the MA went to take my BP I told her that the left arm was the bad one, she just said oh well then I wont lift it. Duh! then how can I know reading is correct. They do not know I went to school for MA & work in medical. I was just to darn sick to deal with it & had a fever & was freezing. I could not think straight when I was there. I am offended & will not deal with that again.
I cant raise my dang arms & so on in the Am, to bad I cant take them home to see me with dryheaves. Really sick of it all. I swear to me, all of this treatment from doctor offices & pharmacists & others is every bit as tough as the pain to deal with. Why cant they understand this is not what I want but what I have to do to survive. I have to toughen up & not let it get to me, but that visit did it.
So what is your opinions on that one? I have been to upset to even dicuss it, infact I have yet to tell my husband even. sorry so long guys. Just felt like I had to tell someone who can understand. Thanks for listening, Sammy

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cmpgirl HB User
Re: My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.


Please don't ever let a MA or NP or PA or even another doc deter you from doing whatever you need to do for your pain. They are not PM specialists, and can have a tendency to not really even pay attention to the facts. I'm sure that they can become somewhat jaded by some other patients who come in with all sorts of "ailments" in search of narcotics, etc. but that does not give them the right to assume that of every patient who walks in the door. She obviously didn't even bother to look back in your chart, to see just what has happened in the past or how you got to the place where you are now.

You went in for a routine "sick visit" and that is all she needed to focus on. The rest is really not her concern right now. Yes, any doc needs to know what meds you take, etc., to avoid any interactions or duplications, but that is where it should end. Their job is to diagnose and treat what you went in their for that day. Not, all of the rest. That's why you see a PM doc.

I know it can be really infuriating, especially when you are sick on top of everything. Just don't let some NP's ignorance and suspicion stop you from doing what you need to do for you. Hang in there, sweetie. It will all work out in the long run. Hugs, CMP/MM

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Re: My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.

I'm so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, this is all to common place in PM. As we've discussed before, treatment like this is why I elect to keep most of my medical life very private....Just too many issues and no matter what you do or say, people are going to judge. It's even worse, however, when your GP's office does this....They should be much more supportive. My GP once told me that "PM is where we send people when there is nothing more we can do for you." Needless to say, it didn't sit well with me.

Originally Posted by sammyo1 View Post
Proceded to tell me this PM should be trying Lyrica & that line of meds, now I am looking at her like, lady you tried me on all that in the beginning. Then proceded to tell me I can expect to have increase sensativity to every kind of pain due to the narcotics.
It's amazing how folks like this think they have all the answers.

I also dont think she needs to question my PMs choices of meds for me. She did say he needs to put me on the patch or something like that.
I would agree that she shouldn't be questioning any Doc's decision(s). Additionally, she shouldn't be making any recommendations about specific meds without knowing your entire history. The patch is just one of many alternatives available and I'm sure your new PM has the right choice for you.

I know it's easier said than done, but please try not to let this appt bother you. I don't mean to defend them, but they are probably a busy office with all sorts of people coming in there for a variety of issues....Many of which I'm sure either bog them down, or waste their time. She was probably just having a bad day. This doesn't "excuse" their behavior by any means, but I think helps us understand "why."

Take care,


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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.

CMP, trust me I cant afford to be deterred from PM. Laid in bed with these dang virus & the sore throat back along know with congestion & a whole lot of pain. Up & moving abit more so I am sure thats it, so back in bed & sept 31/2 hrs.
Yes Ex, I thought the same about the NP, how do you know all the anwers when you did not even know you had me on Lyrica?
Now I am going to have to find a good GP. My husband ran into his SIL, her son-in-law was sick for 2wks with this & her grandson just came down with phuenmonia (sp), if its the same that gives me another full week,
ain't life grand! Everytime I think I am getting better, back in bed I go.
I am really getting sick of my bedroom,lol! To boot my daughter just informed me I am getting older now & its going to be harder to keep up!
That really cheered me up let me tell you. My life just keeps getting better,lol.
No way am I going back to that doctors office for now so I better kick this thing soon. Thanks for your understanding, Sammy

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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.

Hey Sammy,
I am trying to catch up a bit since I have not posted to anyone in a while.

It is disheartening to hear when one of us has to experience a situation like this. Sorry to hear this happened!!

I for sure think it is a good idea to askyour PM who he/she might suggest as a godd GP. There just in no reason what so ever for this kind of treatment.

I know and totally understand where your coming from when your not feeling well and someone pulls this kind of stuff we are less likely to stand up for ourselves and be assertive. We in the office because we are SICK not becasue we need a judgement call. I am sorry for going off here but how rude could she be.

Sammy hang in there! I know we always say that to eachother, but it is truly what we have to do. We reach down with-in ourselves and we find the courage and strength to continue on... It is what we do to take care of ourselves. You know I am always thinking of you hon! You are a strong person and yo have gone through so much! I am sending out the prayers that this bug won't last for much longer and you can get better soon!


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Re: My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.

Hi Sammy...
First of all, thank you for posting and being there for me. You, and others have made dealing with this last couple of months so much easier. Thank you again~
As far as your vizit, I echo what Ex has said. I know it gets old, and it makes me sick to think you are STIL being treated so horribly. My situation with my doc is so rare, I only deal with him via his sell, and dont have to deal with all of these appts and horrible ppl. When I do have to go in, the nurse he has is just amazing. I sread the day when I have to deal with "real situations" like all of you have to.
Try not to let it get you more upset, just ride with it, and know that IM here for you, as as always, you are in my thoughts and prayers, Sammy~

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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.

Thanks Chrissy & Izzy,
Izzy you are most welcome, that is what we are here for & I for one know that people fall down, its all part of life.

I dont think I will even get used to these attitudes from others. I realize why there is a stigma attatched to narcotics but who are these people to judge me? This NP could have came right out & ask. I honestly believe the way she obtained what she wanted was unethical.
I would like to invite her to my next set of ESIs, so she can watch the agony of not being able to move my arms.
I will get over it. I am a firm believer in what comes around goes around. It is this type of thing that puts cpers on the defense, which I am guilty of at times. I will tell you all this, the next time I have to face something like this I will speak up. I just feel it is wrong.

The funny thing is that she was one of those who recommended PM to me awhile back. This office should really take better notes. It does not impress me much at all that any doctor or NP does not take the time to look before commenting & its scary to know that people like that would leave you in the kind of pain we suffer.

I just had someone give the the greatest compliment I will probably receive in my life, she said that I am the most caring & giving person she has ever come across & always trying to help. On the flip side I have been told I am not realistic, because I think everyone else is like me. Well I believe if your going to talk the talk you should walk the walk. Meaning dont say you care or how bad you feel for someone, show it. So when I go to some where such as a Doctors I assume they care, I really have to learn. I get extremely offended because I do try to be a good person, as my parents raised me to be, but sometimes you can only take so much of an attitude or assumptions before you become "gun shy". I am tired of being judged by those who have no right to judge me & I have to say I am reaching my tolerance limit here.

As for Exs comment I do realize how busy a doctors office can be, but I had not one problem until I continued on narcotics for my pain. Part of the reason I chose this office is because everyone seemed to be really nice. There are several doctors in that office I think the best thing for me is to try to see if I click with one. My daughters go there to so I need to have good communication & some sort of trust.
Thank you all for taking the time out, it means alot to me to know I am understood. God bless, Sammy

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