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  • Can't raise arms above my head, Desperate

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    Can't raise arms above my head, Desperate

    Hello everyone. I known for some time that I cant raise my arms above my head for any length of time. For some reason this is one of the biggest triggers for my pain. Twice this past week I have raised them in my sleep & woke up with a very high pain level that is hard to get down. This will cause the entire left shoulder/chest rib etc.. to just throb & ache & so on... The right one will just hurt like mad.
    I am determined work with this PM in discovering what is going on. You know why? anyone at all experiance this or have any opinions?
    I have started to research some things on my own, become abit of my own advocate here. I think this PM is a pretty open minded doctor so I have nothing to lose. I am really afraid this is effecting or spreading into the right side to. So I thought were better to ask since everyone here suffers from various problems.

    I think you all know by know this is getting to me big time, the pain, limits & so on. My daughter has started school up & she does not attend where we built our house because of over crowding & not being excepted & so on...
    Since she is a honor student & was getting depressed we chose to allow her to attend her old school (alitte country school) but that is approx35 minutes from me & I cant drive it on my own to much anymore. Which she spends part of the week with her Aunt & Uncle. It was one of the toughest choices I have ever made to allow her to do so. I thought I would be able to drive more & it would no be an issue, not knowing this would become chronic & continue to worsen.
    There for this is costing me spending the time I want to with her & last year I spent more time crying over it then anything. She commented last evening that she cant stand to hear me crying in my room when this pain gets unbearable, this is really bothering me.
    To top it all off my back pain is getting worse & worse, what ever is going on its definantly spreading. My arm is locking in the bent postion at times also & my fingers, especially the thumb.
    Really getting hard at times to use my hands.
    I am struggling here to stay optimistic about the future at all.
    I would greatly appreciate any input, thank you in advance for your time. As always god bless. Sammy

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    Re: Can't raise arms above my head, Desperate


    I had a really hard time raising my right arm for a LONG time. It's only been in the past 2 months or so since I had the most recent PT that its better. For me it does not seem connected to the rib pain. Mine started when I started having all the pain from the bone spur in my shoulder that began all this. I had rotator cuff surgery to remove the bone spur, before the surgery they also thought the supraspinitus(sp?) tendon had a complete tear - turned out it wasn't torn.

    Have they done MRI's of your shoulders? Just curious since the PM I saw was blaming all mine on the cervical spine, when it turned out that the shoulder muscles hadn't been properly rehabbed. All I get there now is some muscle soreness if I do my exercises for it and then do some other work that uses it a lot the same day. It's the put some bio-freeze on it and go on type of soreness though. I only ice it these days right after I work out, and I probably don't really need to do that.

    I hope they figure out what is going on for you soon. It's so difficult to do things when you can't raise your arms.


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    Re: Can't raise arms above my head, Desperate

    Sammy, Marcia and Tigg have some good ideas, and Marcia seems to know your situation well. Really sorry you have this pain. I know how limiting it is.

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    Re: Can't raise arms above my head, Desperate

    oh sammy my girl,i so feel for you hon,really. i am wondering tho if what your bigger problem might be with those arms,espescially the one that had the rotator repair,is just the fact that you have never actually been able to just 'do' the PT post op thats needed,you know what i mean? i know you kept trying and having to stop every single time becasue of the huge increase in your pain then the inflammation it always casued for you too. i can tell you just from my experience hon that the PT was crucial to me getting back my ROMS. this really was the only thing that got my arms moving in all directions again. we were both kind of at the same exact spot at one time but becasue of the other,as of yet unidentified hell you are also dealing with,i was progressing into PT and you could not yet go there. you remeber that hon?

    i really am hoping that becasue of not being able to fully use all ROMS yet,that your shoulder capsule hasn't hardened and you could be looking at that frozen shoulder ick? i we were both told pretty much the same thing by our orthos,that we needed to get into the hands on PT stuff as soon as we could. there IS a reason for that. the sooner you get that joint moving in all directions again,the better the healing and regaining the ROMS just is. the thing is,with all you have going on in you in that area,'something' is just impeding your abilitys to move normally. this is what the PM is trying to locate and identify for you with the injections right now,tho he is moving at a snails pace. i am wondering about possible MRIs being done at this point since things are not moving as they should up there,or in other places as well ya know? you just really need to see what that joint capsule is looking like and how things healed for you. you had alot of things occur with that shoulder and arm during the early healing process,and i did too. i keep wondering if everything actually healed normally for me too considering. your arms were ALWAYS up in the air when you woke up in the mornings too,you remeber that?

    the best person to actually consult would be your ortho who did that surgery but we both know just how helpful that a$$ would be. that one PT person,that woman you were seeing who was so very helpful to you? do you think maybe seeing her at least for an eval on your shoulder may help at this point? she seemed to really know her stuff the way you spoke about her,just wondering. also asking your PM about the shoulders and not really being able to fully rehab them,or the rorator repair one at least,and see what he has to say on it may not hurt ya know? maybe some cort injections into that area of the joint could possibly help some? i just really do think tho sammy,when considering everything here that obtaining that MRI on your shoulder really may be a very good idea. you just wont really know what did or did not heal right or how that joint capsule is until you can actually "see" it on an MRI. this is what i would personally be asking my doc for if my shoulder progress was where yours currently is sammy. you just once again, really do need to know what you are dealing with here. i really do wish that your PM would at least try one stellate injection on you,just to see what does or does not respond. i just really think that your SNS was damaged,either before that surgery or after, but your symptoms were somewhat there before too ya know?

    right now hon,i would take a good look at those people who have been the most helpful to you and see what they can possibly help you with right now. but i would ask for that MRI. i wish things had gone better for you from the start post op sammy. i REALLY do feel for you. i wish i could be more of a help right now too. hopefully you will be able to get thru this and actually find out some of the most important issues and just be able to treat them.soon. hang in there hon,Marcia
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    9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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    Re: Can't raise arms above my head, Desperate

    Sammy Sweetie,

    I am so sorry for all of this! I a pray all the time that these doctors will finally come up with some treatments to help you.

    When you skoke about your daughter and your crying from the painit just breajs my heart! My situation is in reverse ther with my Mom being the one watching me but I just felt your words so much!

    I just don't have any words of wisdom for you other then to let you know that I am here for you you ...~Always~...we have been doing this deal for a long time and I am not going anywhere! Hang in there hon! I know it is tiriring to hear people say that over and over , but I know that for me know matter how tired I was of hearing those words I did take comfort in knowing that others truly understood and cared for me from the bottom of there hearts.

    ~~love Chrissy~~

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