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Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At Pm!

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Old 11-26-2008, 05:50 PM   #1
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Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At Pm!

Hi guys!
It paid off to call the PM doc back. [thx Mush] the receptionist was super nice, and asked if Id gotten paperwork yet and i told her NO. so she faxed it to me at home, and I could use some help, please. Ive never filled out pwrk for a P M doc, and I dont want to do something wrong to make her not want to take me. Im so anxious and scared, I just want to be seen and have a chance at my normal life again. This has been the most stressful two weeks ever, just waiting to hear, and I wish I would have called sooner. I know there is a process, but the paperwork and office ppl dont know how we feel waiting, and hoping!
So, I got 6 pages of paperwork to fill out. The first is, of course insurance, ect, to which I told the fron desk gir that I didnt care if I had to pay in M&M's, Id pay cash. I just want to be seen.
Second is family history, my own medical hist, ect.
The third is a pain chart. She is asking three things...It is a calendar, there are three times of day you chart your pain, and how intense it is and what you take for it....this is a calendar, like you would hang on your fridge, and you mark everything down.
Then there is another page that shows parts of the body and where the pain is, and also a sheet asking what meds you have tried, and how did they work, or DID they.
They start off with Nsaids, ect and work up to Vicodin, percocet, and darvocet.
So basically I got a pain log, and if I fax it back tomorrow, i will have to go on the past few days, month.
Im kind of worried...Since the med sheet only went to percocet, is that the strongest she will prescribe? Im so scared of a doc taking me from 40mg oxycontin with b/t meds to nothing. I really have heard so many scary stories Im sick.
Also for anoy of you who have filled out such paperwork, I hate the pain scale. Id love to mark all of the drawings a "10." but what do you do?
Please pray for me or just think of me and send me some positive and soothing thoughts...I am not one to really be calm.
Also on the med sheet there were things like muscle relaxers, benzos, ect...the only thing I checked was the opiate box. Ive never taken the others.
oooooook! Ill get off of here now and quit obsessing...[easier said than done].
If anyone has a chance to reply, id appreciate it. Id just like to hear what you all have had happen on your first appt...she said she would get me in within a week or two!
I feel like crap, but I dont want to go in sweats...I dont want to dress up too much, or she will think Im wonder woman and not in pain. Im just really scared, and worried. I really need help long term at least until I can get this figured. We dont have PM docs close...they are all 12 hrs away. I just dont want to blow this.
Sorry to rant....
You all are my pain family, and i trust you.
Enjoy your holiday!!!! Dont worry about replying to me until after Thanksgiving day. Happy Turkey day to all of you...

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Re: Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At

I can feel your nervousness through your words!!
Just try to be truthful and relax. I hope this doc is a good guy and will recognize when you walk in the door how you're feeling.
I have asked my self that question..about what to wear. One time I was so disgusted with all the new drugs that I was trying that I didn't comb my hair and didn't dress up(didn't exactly wear sweats) so the doc could see just how crappy I was feeling. I think it helped because he took one look at me and said "Wow. Things aren't going so well and the meds aren't working."

About the med sheet with with the other meds besides opiates....sometimes using other meds in conjunction with the opiates helps pain. This is what my doc and I have been trying. We have not had much success but maybe it will help you. It's ok that you haven't tried weren't going to a pm before.
Like I said just tell the truth. One thing that scares me is that your doc took away your meds, right? You're hardly taking anything now right? I've heard so many people say that the doc said, "Well you've made it so many weeks without don't need that strength....or your pain must not be so bad." With my doc I made sure that I told him how the meds or lack of affected my daily life. I told him the things I can and can't do without the medication I was on. It is important to tell him which meds have worked for you in the past.

And the pain scale....I hate it too. I once went in to the er with a migraine and told them it was a treatment. I try to be realistic without using the 10(even though it may be the worst pain ever).

To answer your other questions if I can remember them. I didn't take my hubby with me, have never had a ua(at my pm), spent about 45min-1 hour with him the first time(he was so excited at the prospect of curing me he wanted to inject me right then and there) and did write me a presription.

Good luck. I hope this helped. I have to go pick up my daughter from work
Please keep in touch

Are you really driving 12 hours to your pm????
undiagnosed lung and back pain after pneumonia in '03, tmj, migraines,(two failed surgeries for) Kienbock's disease

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Re: Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At

Stop obsessing so much about the first visit. Fill out the paperwork , answer the questions that they are asking of you, and don't exaggerate. Tell them the truth, what your pain is like in the morning, afternoon and at night.
It is not up to the receptionist to decide whether or not to take a patient or not, it is the doctor's decision and he/she won't make that until they see you.

Why would you not use your insurance? Paying cash is a red flag in those offices in most cases. I know that you want to be seen so use your insurance, that's what it is there for.

On the diagram page, they want you to draw lines ( it may be different types of lines for different types of pain , so read carefully) to show where the pain starts on your body, and where it travels to , if it does.
List the meds that you have taken in the past, up to the current meds on the med sheet. What works and what doesn't. It's pretty self explanatory.

You're not going to "blow" the visit unless you get yourself worked all up about it. Relax, fill out the paperwork and go to the appointment.

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Re: Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At

Thanks for the replies...
Actually its a woman, and Mush, my ortho has been writing for me. He even upped the meds my reg doc had been prescribing, so Ive been pretty good.
Im excited for the appt, and Back is correct. I went out and enjoyed the day shopping with my son, and totally forgot about all of it and I feell much better.
Thanx for helping ,me put things back into perspective. Hope you all had a good holiday!

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Re: Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At

Izzy, Gosh I feel for you. I was just as nervous my first visit. I talked myself into calming down & just praying all would go well.

I like the way this PM is having you do a chart before the visit, as for alot of people everyday can be different. Hopefully this will help her to help you in managing your pain.

I dont like the pain scale either. I have learned to let the doctors know that I dont want to say the pain is at a 10 because everytime I think it cant get worse it does & then that 10 is no longer a 10.

I wrote comments on my paper for the doctor, I thought telling in numbers is not enough & wanted him to know things such as pain that travels of can appear but not daily in other areas & so on.

As far as dressing I just dressed the way I always do & I honestly believe a good PM can see & hear your pain. Just moving during an exam can change the range of pain & it shows, doctors watch body language & facial expressions along with appearance.

For alot of us our pain levels can be unprectable & how we feel can be difficult to explain, you would think it would be easy but for me it is one of the toughest things to explain to a doctor or anyone else for that matter.
That alone had me nervous about my first visits with my PM.

He knew alot of what I was trying to describe & that helped alot. I let him know I found it hard because everyday could be different. I was just honest & up front. I did tell him I was so tired of being in pain & found it exhausting.

After all that is the purpose of having a PM doctor is to help us to deal with living in CP & they cant help unless we are honest & express our concerns.

As far as the meds listed, well you never know. They may not list everything & no sense in worrying about it for now. Express your concerns at your appointment. I am sure she has heard it all before. Anyone who lives in CP daily has fear factors & wants to have some kind of assurance from their PMs.

I made notes & questions to ask & keep a binder now for my PM visits.
I am not sure if any of this helps you at all, but I wanted to assure you I felt just as you do & will be thinking about you. Starting with any new doctor is tough, especially one who will help you function in your day to day life. I understand exactly how you feel.

Good luck & please let us know how it goes. god bless, Sammy

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slipperyslope HB User
Re: Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At

Its really no big deal filling out the paper work, I have done it for my PM Dr twice now and once for my GP.

My PM Dr's medication chart said, what has worked for you in the past and what have you tried. Morphine, Methadone, Oxycontin, vicadin, tramadol, percocet, Avinza and up and up it had all the known narcotics on it. and than he asks about the milligrams you tried in the past. That would concern me too that she only goes to percocet but it might be that she doesn't want to advertise she prescribes those meds or have people ask for them. but it does seem odd to me.

you will find out when you get there so no use in speculating or thinking to much about it at this point.

I so wish you lived near me. I have the BEST PM Dr ever. he is so sweet and so compassionate and caring. He is gold, but I live in NC...

Also, if you have insurance please do use it. unless they don't take it than offer to pay cash. my PM DR doesn't take any insurance and the first visit was 180.00 and this included a drug test that was sent off to a lab.

Be prepared for a possible drug test a UA as most PM Dr's do them for new patients as a standard practice now. so don't be alarmed if they ask you to take one, its normal stuff.

It will all be okay. and if you don't like her you will find another Dr, plain and simple no big deal. Your not stuck with this PM Dr, your basically interviewing her too and you are the patient, you are the one paying her so remember that. If you don't like her she looses not you. Its all about you Izzy not her so just go in with a good attitude and the hope you like her and that she will help you. But know if she doesn't you will just simply move on to another Dr. It happens to people all the time, as this is your first PM apt a lot of people have had to see several before they find the one they stick with that golden Dr.

if you have any more Questions feel free to ask and All the best to you and try not to be anxious. Its not good for your Blood pressure or your pain... when is your Apt set for so I can mark my calander?


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