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Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

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Old 10-14-2009, 04:59 PM   #1
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indyracers10199 HB User
Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

I really really really need some help. Alright so about a year ago I was t-boned by a fully loaded semi truck who ran a red light going 70 mph and my car flipped 3 times and my body was dammaged very baddly. This has left me with very chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. Many doctors dont believe that I need oxycontin for my chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, one because I am only 20 years old, and two because they think I just want it to abuse it because im a youngin but im actually very matture. I have many goals set for my life and at times they are hard to reach because of the amount of pain i'm in every single day. I have no intentions of abusing oxycontin whatsoever and ive heard too many stories of people going extreme lengths to get high and I have way too much going for me to get caught up in some ******** because im in pain and not trying to get high. I am currently in college and I truely cant even sit in a class for three hours and take notes without my back feeling like every muscle in my back is being twisted. I used to run 5 miles a day and work out and i cant do any of those things that i love anymore. Every day that I wake up I am in an excruciating amount of pain and i dont even want to get out of bed and I have like the top of the line Temperpedic mattress. I was drafted to play hockey for University of Michigan, full ride scholarship and everything, then that summer before freshman year, what do you know, I get hit by a fully loaded semi and all of my dreams just went straight down the drain and my hockey scholarship was revoked and I was 2nd round pick as a freshman. I also used to be a proffessional wakeboarder and the only time i can wakeboard now is when im on a tab of oxy but i cant do any tricks like i used too. I've gone through rehibilitation for my back at 3 different organizations and each place was for 30 days. After 90 days of treatment, there was no improvement with my pain. If I take two 80mg oxycontin tablets a day, my back pain decreases greatly and my day is great and I almost feel like I did before the accident. I've started to call Pain Management centers like u told me to do where I live and I am trying to set up an appointment. But im asking you for advice because you seem like a smart guy and someone whos gone through a lotttt of **** dealing with pain. So I was seeing if you could give me any pointers to tell the doc so that he will actually beileve how much pain i'm in and that i really do need oxycontin daily. Its almost like a game every single day trying to get oxy and people always tell me, sooner or later if i keep buying oxy off the streets then i will be arrested and will have no chance in getting meds and my life will literally be over if I was to go to jail, ughh. I dont want it to be like that, I know many other people in way less pain than me who are prescribed to oxys every month. I just want a doctor to beleive and see what im going through and realize that im not some punk youngster trying to get high off of pills, I dont really find that to be fun and thats a big turn off for women? So please give me some advice to help me get prescribed so I can live my life and have the pain meds I need LEGALLY. I dont want to have to buy drugs off the street anymore.. Im not a junkie, im just a regular guy but my pain is holding me back. So if anyone could PLEASE PLEASE help me out then that would be absolutely amazing and greatly appreciated.

Thank You Very Much, Ryan

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Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

Have you had a full examination and consultation with an orthopedic spine surgeon to sort out the causes for all the pain and if anything else can help (i.e. epidural injections, surgery, etc)? And have you seen a good Pain Management physician? Many of us started with pain at a young age but with the help of good Pain Management physicians, and the right medications, pain can be significantly reduced.
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LuvMyPittie HB User
Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

I agree with Spine...You really need to see an Ortho or something, ..................... because no matter what age, just tellinmg the doctor ' Im in pain and I need ** ', wont work.. Your DR will want to have you different tests and stuff i.e. epidurals, physical therapy, ..etc ..Same thing all of us that have been on pain meds for a while, have done and still do.. .... I imagine your age will work totally against you, and I hope you dont get bitter about it BUT it seems Oxy and such are the new IT drug of choice..( Im NOT SAYING AT ALL THAT U ARE TRYING TO ABUSE !!!!!)

But..when you find a great pain management doctor to help you try different things til you find what works best for your situation, I hope you give it all a try, that way maybe youll find something besides Oxy that works ....

Heck if could " two 80mg oxycontin tablets and the only time i can wakeboard now is when im on a tab of oxy but i cant do any tricks like i used too. " .......... I'd be happy .....WOW........ ' ....speechless !...

I know people that have hardware in their bodies that are on less that cant move because the pain is excruciating !!! ...

Hope you find some help and relief !!!

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katlovesdogs HB User
Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

I agree with the others... going to a new Doctor as a new patient and saying at the first I want 80 mg Oxycontin to take 2 x a day is a major RED FLAG. Unfortunately all pain patients are under scrutiny . If you are willing to try various medications you may end up on Oxycontin. A lot of Doctors today hestitate to prescribe that particular medication as there are other long acting medications they use instead. Don't be surprised if you are denied treatment or even given that medication without a lot of trouble

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Boxerluver HB UserBoxerluver HB UserBoxerluver HB UserBoxerluver HB UserBoxerluver HB UserBoxerluver HB UserBoxerluver HB UserBoxerluver HB User
Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

I agree, asking for a specific med is a huge red flag. You have to allow the doc to decide and there are other meds that can work. Like Spine said, get to a ortho, get the tests, hopefully he then will refer you to a pain specialist and then let the pain doc go from there. Be prepared that you may have to give a urine and if you do not have a script for oxy and it shows up, no pain doc will see you. I know it can seem like a long process but we all have been through it. Good luck!!


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pmtest HB User
Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

I agree with what everyone said...I just wanted to add something about your age. My pain started when I was 23 and I couldnt even get someone to order an MRI much less give me anything for pain. I knew I was in pain, nothing that would make me bed ridden but I knew something wasnt right. I would have muscle spasms and would be in horrible pain a few times a month. As the years progressed, it got worse, especially after the birth of my second child. She "did me in" so to speak. Finally, when I was around 30 my pcp ordered an mri and it showed things. I was so happy that I finally had something showing I was in pain. But I was not given any meds, I was sent to physical therapy, which was a waste of 75/week for about 3 months. I finally got referred to my pm about 18 months ago, where I was put on meds. I dont want to discourage you, but your age is working against you. Unfortunately, it is society and we have to deal with it. I am not saying its fair, but what can we do...

But...with what happened to you, it seems like you would have "proof" of whats causing you pain. When you were at the ER after the accident, no tests were done on you?? Have you spoke with your pcp? Have they not referred you to a pm? I would think coming from another dr, that would add weight to what you are saying? I do feel if you have the medical reports showing everything that is wrong, a pm would put you on meds, not necessarily oxy, but something that would help you. Or even would try injections or something that could possibly help you get some relief.

I am sorry that you are so young and you have to live everyday in pain. Its hard, but hang in there. Just get in to see a pm...mine gave me my quality of life back!!!!
Take Care

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ChrisJB HB User
Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

hi my name is Christian, Ryan I was in a simillar accident I was hit on foot(walking) by a tractor trailer on highway 63 in Alberta Canada, I now take 80mg. oxycontin twice daily and have titanium inside my left leg from hip to ankle and along with my back and stomach it really does hurt regardless of anything unless I take my medication

Old 01-10-2010, 07:59 AM   #8
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ChrisJB HB User
Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

and I am only 28, 26 at the time of accident

Old 01-10-2010, 08:25 PM   #9
Myofascial Pain
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Myofascial Pain HB UserMyofascial Pain HB User
Lightbulb Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!


I can commiserate with your pain issues if I may offer a caveat though look for other treatments in addition to the meds.

Right now I'm semi-functional with the meds but am looking for ways to get off them! I used to be an honors student and could absorb reading assignments in about 75% of the time they said the reading would take. Now I can still read and understand the material but my short term memory retention is 10-25% of what it used to be. Makes studying new skills near impossible and since I can only do office jobs with my back condition, keeping on the cutting edge of Information Technologies or learning ICD-9/CPT nigh impossible.

Just a thought...


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Moonlife HB User
Re: Semi Accident/Chronic Pain/HELP PLEASE!!!!

I think your pain is in the MUSCLES and myofacia. You probably have trigger points in the muscles that need worked on by a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. I was in a similar situation from a car accident... soft tissue damage is a lot harder to detect. Do some research on the internet for trigger points in muscles and neuromuscular threapy and myofacial pain threapy and find a good threapist in your area. Doctor's do not know much about muscles and a LOT of back neck pain is caused from trigger points that need to be released. A good threapist can do it. It is not regular massages it is different.
Good luck to you..

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