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rodgersk65 04-04-2011 11:29 AM

Pain Management Doctors
I am so frustrated being treated like all I am going to doctors for is medicine! I have been going to the same doctor since I had back surgery in 1992! I have tried the epidural blockage, I have been in physcial theropy numerous times and of course there are the cortizone shots! None of them had work! So I am prescribed pain meds on a weekly basis! I have always gone to the same doctor for the pain meds and never go to any other doctor! Now my doctor has been out for over a month and no other doctor in the practice will prescribe me the meds! Now I am told that my doctor is on emergency leave through May! I am in so much pain that I have been getting my pills from friends and family! I went to a pain management doctor and he wants to start all over!! Shots, physical theropy, surgery etc.!! I have three children and their father is deceased therefore I am all they have so I cannot continue to stay in bed because the pain is sooo bad! Does anyone know any doctors in the northern va area that will not treat me like I am only after pain meds but understand that I have honestly tried all the other procedures! Thanks So Much!!

ibake&pray 04-05-2011 08:39 AM

Re: Pain Management Doctors
[COLOR="Navy"]I see Dr. Thomas Nguyen at the VA Spine Institute in Reston. I have been with him for five years and adore him and his staff.

You have to be aware that any new doctor is going to want to try things their way, no mater what you have done. Did you bring a copy of your latest visits with your previous doctor? That might help give them a starting place to go from. But having them try thier way is part of the routine of going to a new doctor.

I hope that you find someone who will help you...hang in there..[/COLOR]

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