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hollysargis 04-07-2011 06:48 AM

anyone else have ribs that are inflamed/stuck/crooked
I ahve been informally dx'd with some form of thoracic outlet syndrome

i have chronic inflamation(?) around my rib cage, along the sides and back more than the front. ive been told my ribs are twisted and raised up too high on my left side especially. it is giving me spasms in the left side of my neck.

i am in physical therapy getting handson/manual work done.. does anyone else have a similar condition, anyone with scoliosis? did yoga help? :(

simpletulip 04-16-2011 12:49 PM

Re: anyone else have ribs that are inflamed/stuck/crooked
Dear ,

I understand you because I am suffering from the same problem

simple tulip

sammyo1 04-17-2011 06:00 AM

Re: anyone else have ribs that are inflamed/stuck/crooked
I had some problems with my left rib area. My Pt's at the time would say it was hypermobile, up higher then the right side. It would hurt like heck & tender to touch as was my chest area. I was tested for TOS but did not have it.

Drove me crazy & my PT so she said to try wearing a binder. It sounds like it would hurt more but it actually helped. I bought a back binder at the med supply & cut it to fit around my ribs as I am on the petite side. I had shoulder problems & herniated discs a long with DDD so I'm assuming this was the cause. I went so long with no help or diagnosis the shoulder surgeon said he believed I had myofascial damage in that area & I believe him. That was years ago & til this day my ribs hurt. When it was at its worst it would hurt just to breathe.
It was so strange & confusing. Til this day I cannot be sure the exact cause.

I know the spine can cause some strange things but I think with me it was a combo of problems & doctors are not good at that as they focus on one thing or one area.
I wish you the best of luck as I know how painful it can be. I don't see where where giving yoga a shot could hurt. I used Ice & moist heat on the area & it helped also.

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