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starburst41093 06-28-2011 01:16 AM

Failed surgery 18 y.o chronic pain
[B][I]hello everyone

Im 18 y.o. and i have had chronic pain for 6 years steming from slipped disc nerve damage spondylosis with degenerative disc desease of the lumbar spine , facet osteoarthiritis,several disc bulges,anterolisthesis,nueral forminal stenosis,facet joint arthrosis just to name some

i also had L3-S1 decompression laminectomy and debridement surgery on 6/2010 but im still in pain i was referred to a pm doctor where i was prescribed Ms contin 30 mg 2x a day , hydrocodone up to 5 tabs a day , lyrica 100 mg but i just dont understand why am i still in so much pain i feel like im going crazy im always hurting my back is so stiff and it hurts so badly my buttock feels like its on fire and throbs and when i sit it hurts even more , i have no feelin in my entire right leg , i still have bladder incontinence, pains shoot from my back to my toes i have to walk with a walker and i have still fallen 3x in a year i have no balence i even have a nurse that comes everyday cause i cant do for myself im just miserable and im only 18 years old
if someone PLEASE HELP!!! Give me some advice cause i don't know what to do with all this pain i just wish that i could enjoy life with out being in pain:(

my surgeon said i needed a spinal fusion but im to young and to wait until im 30 or 40 and i cant wait that long the way im hurting and nothing is relieving my pain which is driving me up the walls i just dont know what to do:confused::confused: [/I][/B]

ibake&pray 07-06-2011 07:18 AM

Re: Failed surgery 18 y.o chronic pain

I'm sorry for the pain. Unfortunately, doctors seem to think that only the 30+ year olds are old enough for surgery. When you hurt, you hurt. It doesn't matter what age you are. Personally I owuld find another surgeon that is willing to work with you, regardless of your age.

Alot of your pain sounds like nerve pain. That is what the Lyrica is for-nerve pain. You might want to see if your doctor will up the dose on that to see if you can get some relief from the pain. Or try one of hte other meds that are for nerve pain. You can be helped for that, it just takes some trial and error until the doctor gets the right dose.

hnag in there, there is help....

nochange 07-06-2011 10:23 AM

Re: Failed surgery 18 y.o chronic pain
starburst, most surgeries do not end in success. I used to take lyrica and it did not help me. I prefered and now taking gabapentin(neurontin) which is a mild pain killer - that means it helps some but it is not enough. I am trying to think what else could help you. I do not know if to offer you to take diazepam(valium)that works for nerve pain but I have heard it is very addictive but also ms contin is addictive and any narcotic pain medication so what can you do? you need to function and go to work you are too young.
So diazepam is one option. There is another option that really helps the pain in case you cannot sleep is clonazepam(also helps the pain) you can ask your doctor about it.

Let me know what you think.

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