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Too Young To Be In Pain?!

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Old 11-23-2011, 03:30 PM   #1
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Painesville, Ohio, United States
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ilovemy3girls HB User
Unhappy Too Young To Be In Pain?!

I am so frustrated with this entire system. I was not referred to pain management by a doctor. I did so much research that I thought that pain management would be best for me. One doctor dealing with my back pain, pain meds, PT, ESI's. I have tried pain meds and they have helped somewhat but I want long term relief. I thought injections could provide that for my condition.

I am 21 years old I am married and I have 3 children. I have gotten injections and have found no relief... so what is next? I have asked my PM doctor for pain meds and he flat out told me that I am not old enough for my condition to be painful. My condition is not only painful (for me) but it is making my daily life as a mother and a wife a living hell. I am absolutely floored with the fact that someone can tell me what my pain feels like and not only tell me but control what I can do about it. It is ridiculous! I have been with my PM doctor for nearly 3 months and have been urine tested every visit (about 6 times) I have never broken my contract and my urine has always been negative for all drugs/meds.

By the way I get statements from my insurance company for all services and for each DT he gives me it costs $629.17 total. Then for the ESI's it is $1412.56 (that includes the local antestetic and sedation). All of which goes to my PM because he administors both injections and sedation. What I believe he is doing is raping my insurance company as well as me for every penny possible. When talking about pain meds he told me "I don't make a cent writing you a prescription." He is indian and may not of meant it in that way but that is how I took it. Another thing that aggrivates me is how much these "pill mills", drug abusers, and irresponsible people that sell their meds have messed up the system for not only me but for every single person that is dealing with chronic pain. It makes me sick to think that people could ever be so selfish to mess things up for people just trying to lead a normal life.

Everyone I explain my situation to keeps telling me to find a different doctor. That is something that I have thought about. All I keep thinking is the fact that I may have to start this process all over. I feel like at 21 years old I am automatically looked down upon as some kind of "drug seeker". I just want to get back to my life. I want to get back to work, be the 21 fun mother that can play with her children, be able to fall asleep at night and wake up pain free in the morning.

If anyone has any suggestions please share I am so discouraged and really starting to get depressed about the whole situation.

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Old 11-25-2011, 10:38 PM   #2
DDD Sara
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DDD Sara HB UserDDD Sara HB UserDDD Sara HB User
Re: Too Young To Be In Pain?!

I went to Cleveland Clinic and seeing a good Physiatrist (Sport Rehab Dr.) that does tests for auto-immune disease orders tests and recommends exercise and more. You can see this Dr. as well as a PM Dr. to get some answers. Have you tried aquatherapy or arthritis aquafit? It's not just for arthritis but for all kinds of chronic back pain issues.

I hope you get some relief somehow even with Amitriptyline a good medication for nerve pain and I take Cymbalta which is approved for pain for Fibromyalgia and chronic back pain and it's also an anti-depressant. I find it works better than a lot of meds out there for nerve pain. Best wishes. Sara
DDD in Lumbar spine with leg sciatica. Facet joint pain.
fentanyl, Cymbalta, C-spine-C6-C7 nerve impinging. L4-5 disc bulge with bone spur prominent facets

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ilovemy3girls (11-27-2011)
Old 11-27-2011, 07:10 AM   #3
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Location: Painesville, Ohio, United States
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ilovemy3girls HB User
Exclamation Re: Too Young To Be In Pain?!

Sara thanks for the words of advice. I'm not sure that what I am experiencing is nerve pain. I know that all pain is caused by nerves but my pain is more of a stiff constant ache. And when I have to get up fast or run to get my children out of something etc. I have a radiating pain that waves up my back and down my left leg. I'm just so frustrated. I haven't done any type of water therapy because my doc told me not to go to the chiropractor because it would worsen my condition, so I haven't ever asked about water therapy. What I understand is that the more I use the arthritic joints in my spine the more inflammation would occur and more pain would follow. I have my next set of facet joint injections tomorrow. And I am telling my doctor if he can't try something as far as meds to help me I will no longer be seeing him. I can't go through these injections because of the pain for the first few days after without anything 3+ weeks in a row. He told me to call his office if I needed pain medication after the last set, so I called and the nurse told me that I had to make an appointment. They have to collect that insurance money! Grrrrr. I hate to stick it to him like this... but he can stick 6 needles in my back once a week for nearly a month and I'm just supposed to put my entire life on hold for a chance at getting any type of long term relief. Which I have yet to find any. I mean I could have continued going to my PCP for my pain meds, but I was not getting long term relief so I took it upon myself to see a PM doc. And what happens? I get punished. I get punished for wanting better for myself. I wanted to try the shots, the shots aren't working. The pain meds were helping me function normally. Now, with shots not working and no pain meds I can't even switch laundry from the washer to the dryer. Unloading the dishwasher is hell. And I can't pick up my 1 year old daughter. I just wanna scream at these people.

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DDD Sara (11-27-2011)
Old 11-27-2011, 02:59 PM   #4
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hornetfan7777 HB User
Re: Too Young To Be In Pain?!

I am so sorry for all you are having to go through. I am much older (I am 50) than you and my lower back pain started about 9 years ago. I have been through so many drs. over the years, but I keep looking for an answer.

It sounds like to me that your only option is to look for a dr. who is understanding of your situation. You sound like the majority of pain sufferers ---you want the problem fixed!!! I do too!!!! But, in the mean time, I have got to have some help with the pain. Unfortunately, my pain is getting worse and it takes a lot to get relief. But, for me, a little relief is better than none!!! So, I have a messier apt. than I like and my husband tries to do laundry, etc.

I am sorry for getting carried away. I just wanted you to know that there are pain sufferers who have to change doctors. Continue to abide by any pain contract and you should be fine. Can I give you a teeny tiny bit of something you should be thankful for? I have had Epidural Injections, SI Joint Inj. and with both of these I had sedation and I think that helps!!! Lord knows I am used to pain but... I went for my first Facet Joint Injections last week and I lied on that table and cried!!!! Some nurse or something gave me half dozen shots for numbing --haha!! Then the dr. (who I am sorry to say is "cold") gave me half dozen or so shots with the meds!!! Wow. That was a lot of fun. But, it was my own fault for not asking questions!!

My opinion may not count for much ----but I am continuing to look for the right doctors. My advice is don't waste time!!! Be prepared, if you are in this situation for any length of time, you will undoubtedly be called or acused of many things. Just keep good notes and records ---this is VERY important. I had to find procedures to ask my drs to prescribe for me ---- as long as it is covered by insurance and you have valid articles showing that it does help some----your drs. should be more than willing to do it for you! Keep researching, looking for drs. and any treatments you think might help. You have 3 of the best reasons!!!


Old 11-27-2011, 05:48 PM   #5
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Painesville, Ohio, United States
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ilovemy3girls HB User
Re: Too Young To Be In Pain?!

Thanks Emma! I love my children so much and my PCP told me that my condition would only worsen as I got older so I had my youngest daughters back to back praying for a boy (but it didn't happen). I know with the pain I am already in my life is going to crap! I hate to sound so pessimistic but this is seriously ridiculous. I have such a hard time doing simple things in my daily life. I could at least function on my pain meds which I was on for 2 years. And then I decide the meds aren't going to do anything but mask the pain. I want something that is actually going to help... something long term. So... I take it upon myself to go to PM thinking that is the responsible thing to do and I feel as though I am being judged, degraded, mistreated, rejected, looked at funny, and most of all I feel like my doctor doesn't believe me. I've asked him numerous questions about my condition, including how I have arthritis at 21... And never really has any answers for me his answer to every question literally "Oh, I give you shots", "We schedule you for more shots", "You feel better after shots". He is indian and that is my attempt at humor as to how he speaks! I am ready to tell him I'm going to give him a shot in his rear if he doesn't start doing something that is going to help. I know he cannot control what has happened to me nor can I, but he is giving me these injections knowing that I am in serious pain after and that to date they have not done a darn bit of good for me, as far as pain goes. The only thing I can say is that the swelling in my lower back has significantly lessened.

I have to vent because in the middle of writing this my 14 month old daughter (who I am trying to potty train) decided it was time to go potty. She has a trainer toilet but for some reason wont sit on it. So, I have to sit on my bathroom floor and hold her on the toilet while she tries to go. This is the type of thing I should be able to do. Jeez almighty I am 21 years old. Sitting here I have tears running down my face.

Does anyone else have facet hypertrophy in lumbar spine with no other clinical findings? I need to know that this pain isn't in my head. That is how these doctors are making me feel. I want to know anyone else's pain and or situation with this condition. Any hope would help.

Old 12-18-2011, 12:10 AM   #6
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MagicPotion HB UserMagicPotion HB UserMagicPotion HB UserMagicPotion HB UserMagicPotion HB User
Re: Too Young To Be In Pain?!

No matter what your age,if you suffer pain and can prove it, they have no right to tell you,that your age is a factor and leave you to suffer pain. This idea is insane! Report this doctor to the medical board. And find someone new. If he/she wont give you anything anyway. What's the harm in starting over? Keep going until you get someone to repect your pain. Some advice, bring someone with you to the doctors visit, and take them in with you. For some reason this makes a difference. A family member would be the best idea, over a friend. Sadly many doctors will be agest about pain. It has happened to me in the past. Best of luck and keep searching. I know it seems hard right now,but don't give up.

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