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summer12 04-18-2012 11:41 AM

mystery diagnoses
I am very happy to find the healthboards,and to get and give support. I have had debilitating,low abdominable pain for over a month. Kinda strange,cause I wake up feeling fine,and by afternoon and evening,I'm very sick. I have cramping,dull,pressure pain,that is constant. Had a pelvic untrasound,and adominable xray,and it is normal.Normal bowel movements,no fever or diarreha,just pain. My labs show ALT(h),Gamma(h),NT probnp(h),electrolyte(L) and low iron. The dr. put me on tramadol,which doesn't help at all. I am so frustrated and tired of feeling so crummy. This is affecting my quality of life,and need some answers. I would apprerciate any feedback. Also,when I try to read a post,it won't let me. Thanks again.

tortoisegirl 04-18-2012 09:21 PM

Re: mystery diagnoses
Hi there! Sorry you are having pain. I would be persistent with the doctors. Ensure you are seeing the appropriate specialists (such as a gastroenterologist) and keep going to new doctors if they are stumped. Don't take the come back in 2-3 months line...go in as soon as you can get another appointment or you know a test result or know a medication didn't help.

Be honest with the doctor who prescribed the Tramadol that it doesn't work and see what they say. They may prescribe something stronger, or maybe not. Its better to get to the bottom of the pain than get physically dependent on narcotics (which btw is different from addiction) and such. But yeah, Tramadol is weak and doesn't work for too many folks. They start you there though. Emphasize how the pain comes on over the best guess is it has something to do with food digestion? Best wishes.

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