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  • Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

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    Old 05-31-2012, 12:53 PM   #1
    The Skitz
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    Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    I have been struggling with these very odd symptoms for over 4 years now. It has been really bad over the past 2 years, and even worse over the past 6 months. Back in 2008 I started getting very odd symptoms. I never really thought much about it. I just figured it would go away. It started with random surges of stabbing paing in my lower abdominal area. And alternation between constipation and diarhea. Also just all around discomfort in my stomach. Also swelling in my ear nose and throat area. The swelling would cause migraines. Migraines so bad that, if I were to try and move, I would instantly need to vomit. The pain caused a great deal of nausea. Also my Jaw would get stiff and hurt pretty bad. And my vision became very bad. I could see clearly, but everything was doubled. I have double vision now and I have had to just get used to it. For example: In the letter T, I see the top of the t twice. Like one T was over overlapping another.

    I saw that this was not going away, and I needed to see my Doctor. I did and he was confused. Over the past few years he has been sending me to specialist after specialist and getting no results. I have been to a gastroenterologist. Ive had a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy. Both Normal. Also went to an ENT, that was rude, didn't listen and said I was fine. Allergist as well. All normal there too. Ive had various blood tests and a 24 hour urine test. Also a few different imaging tests done. Evrything is seeming normal in all this investigation.

    Now over the past year it has been much worse. I am getting more and more new symptoms all the time. Recently my Doc has said that he thinks I may have Fibromyalgia. A small list of my symptoms are
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Lower abdominal pain. Afraid to eat all the time, because the pain worsens after eating.
    Jaw pain
    Ear nose and throat pain and swelling
    chronic sinusitus
    Pain in joints
    Pain in muscles
    Low back pain
    Tensing of my shoulders and spasms.
    Tingiling/Numbness in hands and feet.
    twitching in certain areas.
    swelling of glands in neck
    Vomiting from nausea. Vomiting of stomach acid.
    really bad excess phlegm. Needing to clear throat all day long.
    History of depression. Which has become much worse due to my chronic pain.
    Insomnia. Wosened by pain.
    Sleep disturbances.
    constant fatigue. always tired. Never fell rested when waking.
    Morning stiffness lasting 1-2 hours.

    Now with all that being said. I have tried many different medications that havent really helped.
    Hydrocodone 7.5 Apap 500 4 times a day for 2 almost 3 years now.
    plus all the OTC meds my doc could think of.

    My old primary doc referred me to a rheumatologist. That appointment did not go well. When I told him that My doctor sent me there to get a consult to test for Fibromyalgia. I didnt even get to finish my sentence before he cut me off by the way. The Rheumy said "No that cannot be that you have fibromyalgia." He totally acted cold heartedly and disregarded my primary doctors intentions of the visit. This is the type of attitude I always have to deal with no matter who I see.

    At first for maybe the first 1 and a half years, the Hydrocodone worked very well for my pain. Ive been on it so long now though that I have built a tolerance.
    It has gotten to a point that I cannot function at all anymore. I lay in bed all day long. Just moaning in pain. Felling totally miserable and depressed. I feel totally hopeless. Like nobody can help. I feel that I need a new pain medication just to get through my day. This way I can get to all my doctors visits and tests. The downside is I was on state medical insurance. Then The county switched Insurance providers and my Primary clinic does not accept my new insurance. So I have been forced to find a new doctor. She was not willing to help at first. She said "Our clinic does not give narcotics." Then she decided to call my old doc and talk to him. She then decided to give me a lower dose of my Hydrocodone until I can get into a Pain Management doctor. She had me do a pain contract. When it came time for my 1st refill, her nurse called one day before my appointment to tell me I would not be getting anymore narcotic medication. I got no explanation why. And I didnt do anything to make her stop my meds. She simply said that I was supposed to see a pain specialist. I explained that the pain clinic said I needed a referall and some type of test results to back up my pain complaints. So my new primary doc said I could still come in, but I still would not get a refill. This made me feel upset. So I decided to pay cash to see my original Primary doc. Since then however, I cant see him anymore, as I cant afford to pay cash still. I am now unemployed from my illness and applying for disability.

    Now I feel hopeless and do not know what can be done. I do not want to go back to my new Primary care doc, because she is very strict and doesnt listen. I feel that I need her to refer me to a Pain management clinic and prescribe me something stronger so that I can function until I can get in to see a pain doctor. I am almost positive she will not do that. And I do not know what I can do. I am in need of a Primary doc that LISTENS and isnt so apathetic. I cannot go on like this. I cannot keep laying around in pain for another month while waiting to see a pain specialist. I need a empathetic Primary doctor to really try to help me.

    Please anyone, I could use some feedback. I am in need of advice. What can I do to get the help I need and deserve? I am at the breaking point. If you have any questions for additional info, Id be happy to answer them.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you all are having a good day with low, or no pain.

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    Re: Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    At this point about all you can do is find a new Primary Dr. Your insurance surely covers other Primary Dr.'s in your area, it can't be just the one. So, you need to go to a different Dr. Get a list of Primary Dr.'s from the insurance company and then call up your old Dr. who seemed to be helpful and sympathetic to your case and see if he knows any of them or recommends any of them.


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    Re: Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    FIND AN MD trained as a naturopathic doctor.

    You sound like you have stomach and intestinal dysbiosis/ leaky gut
    a form of adrenal fatigue and an autoimmune disorder all whcih can be cured but its very hard to do.

    You will need to correct intestinal and stomach bacteria levels, you can get A Comprehensive digestive stool test which shows all bacteria levels in your intestines.

    If you dont wanna spend 400 bucks on that you can just treat without one.

    You may wanna buy Homozon, Oxy Aloe Flush Kit and colloidal silver from as long as your not allergic to silver.

    Homozon is oxygen infused magnesium which releases O2 in to your digestive system and it works wonders, warning it will make you crap your brains out so stay well hydrated if taking it.

    Oxy aloe is stabilized hydrogen peroxide which raises your body oxygen level and helps kill pathogens and bacteria and heal injuries.

    Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that kills ALL types of bacteria even MURA (spelling). It may be needed to kill off the "bad" bacteria in your stomach and intestines.

    Those you can do on your own. The adrenal and auto immune disorder is a bit harder and you will want to find a very good doctor to work with you.

    To start you can get a saliva cortisol test to check your adrenal gland function, if its good you wont have to do anything there but i doubt it is. You will also want urine or saliva hormone testing.

    For the autoimmune problems youll wanna do liver flushes and coffee enemas.

    Its very cheap but the flushes can make you sick and there is a minor chance of gallstones getting stuck in bileducts which is why i never did it cause im too scared. Up to you to do or not but the chance is like 5% of that happening.

    It will probably Run you around $1500 bucks to get all the tests done

    Stool test is $400
    Cortisol is $200ish
    Hormones are like $350

    Oxy aloe flush is $250 bucks for 1 kit
    Homozon is $150 for 3 bottles which should last a few months
    Coffee enemas and liver flushes are like maybe $100 bucks which can last a year.
    Colloidal silver is $250 a gallon which should last a month or so, you will wanna take that during the last month of the oxy aloe flush kit though and stop before the silver before you stop the oxy aloe flush kit. When you stop the silver you will wanna get TONS of probiotics and take them

    I recommend DR mercolas probiotics which are 70 bucks for 120, id get 4-5 bottles of 120. You will wanna mass dose them the last week or 2 of the oxy aloe flush kit. The homozon can be taken the whole time.

    Good luck and find a good doctor.

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    Rita27 (07-08-2012)
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    Re: Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    First I want to tell you how deeply sorry I am that you have to go through this. It seem like your going crazy, I know. I will tell you, to me it sound like you need a whole new set of doctors. There is nothing wrong with a pair of fresh eyes on your case. They may see something that your older doctors over looked, or haven't checked. With going to a Pain Doctor it can be tricky. They like to have a diagnoses before beginning any treatment. Even if it is Chronic Pain Syndrome. Well I do hope you find someone out there that will help you and not give you such a run around. You are in my prayers. Keep me posted
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    Re: Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time in your life. I am also very sorry that nobody seems trying to help you.
    If I would be you, I would definitely search for a good GP. If you see your next GP also doesn't care, it means time to go to look for another one. During my ordeal with health issues, I went through 5 RA DRs until I found one who cared. Sad, but this is reality of our life, unfortunately.

    Another thing I would do - go and see your Eye DR (not ophthalmologist, but eye MD). You complain about double vision; he may give you any advice on your problem and it can be the key to something, you never know.
    Vomiting from acid reflux (Jerd) is very common; having pains from it very common too. Depends how bad the condition is. Do you take any drugs from it, even OTC ones, like Prevacid? Very helpful.
    I wouldn't do any "treatments" on my own even though I believe in natural healing, until you be diagnosed. You dont want to cause any problems not knowing what is wrong with you. No enemas as well.

    Are you on drugs for your depression? Not for anything, but often CP patients are on antidepressants b/c pain may cause depression and vise versa: depression causing pain (patient feels pain at least).
    Did you see any Dr who addressed this issue to you?

    To see PM DR without diagnoses is not a smart move; you have to have diagnoses of something which causing you CP. Otherwise he will not treat you and your issue the way it has to be treated.
    Therefore, instead of giving up and staying in bed all day, you do your homework, sweet hear, and look for a good GP. And start from there.
    Do not get discouraged if another one not listen to you; it may easily happen. You go and search until you find the right one.
    My best advice to you; if you want to be treated right, don't look in same area where doctors who dismissed you work. They all know each other, they will not change what previous DR wrote on your chart. I learned this in a hard way, when they know each other, they are friends - don't waist your time.
    If you have opportunity to use someone else (I went to NYC) from different city / town, do so.

    We have to be our own doctors; not you only, all of us.
    Wishing you best luck

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    Re: Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    I have a lot of these problems. horrible back and neck pain. Life is terrible past 5 yrs.

    I am so sorry--you;re too young for this.

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    Re: Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    Hi Skitz, I agree with Muldova, You may have to get outside your present loop of docs. I had to travel about 200 miles to a med school to get an IME "independent medical eval" done by the head of the neoursurgery dept to loose some of the rediclous ideas that had been tossed out there to explain the pain i was in to get a working diagnosis that got me on the road to finding the right treatment plan.

    The one thing that kind of stands out is the number of things wrong. I dont know what doctor wouldnt be completly confused if you presented them with that list of problems. Obviously some isues may be ralated to whatever is wrong and some may be something entirely unrelated. With all the issues your having you might need to narrow down some of the complaints to whats bothering you the most. Otherwise you will leave most docs scratching their head wondering where to start. Good luck, Dave

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    Re: Im in a crisis with pain. Docs don't listen. Or even care?

    if its that bad, i would go to the er. tell them everything and have them request your med records from the doctor that first gave you the narcotics. they may admit you to have a real specialist as well as a pain specialist see you. dont worry about the money. just send them what you can. refuse to be disrespected and ignored. if you run into any trouble, be sure to contact the patient advocate right away, thats what they arer there for. good luck to you.

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