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MeowMeow360 12-10-2015 01:09 PM

Unshakable Cold?
I have been sick since late October(Around the 27th). Throat hurts on and off with a lot of mucus production(PND). Sinus issues and pain as well as jaw pain and a clogged right ear. All the pain is focused on the right side. Persistent cough and sometimes coughing fits that leave me breathless by the end. My doctor said it could be something viral and should go away on it's own but it's now December. Other than that I check out fine. The lymph nodes under my jaw and on my throat are tender and sometimes swell when I'm feeling really bad but other than that I am in perfect health according to my doctor. Feels like something is constantly sitting in the front of my throat right behind my tongue and sometimes I throw/cough up thick white frothy mucus. Also it seems to be mucus sitting at the back of my tongue in the front of my throat...since I can hack it up. How can I heal from this and alleviate the symptoms?

EricNC 12-14-2015 08:53 PM

Re: Unshakable Cold?
There is a virus that seems to cause sinus infections between the upper sinus and the inner ear. I lost my hearing in left ear and had to take an antibiotic. It took 10 days to clear up but did clear up. The antibiotic helped the most but I also used OTC product mucinex dm, flonase, and neil med sinus wash that each helped.

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