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Jahn333 04-01-2017 08:54 AM

Undiagnosed symptoms
I am a 32 ye old healthy male.
7 weeks back on one fine sunday I realised that I have nasal infection as my voice suddenly became nasal. Felt very mild fever that afternoon. The next day joint and muscle pain started in legs. A day after started feeling dizzy. It wasnt weekness to be presice but I was slightly off balance and my vision was not sharp though I could see clearly.
When all this didnt go away I went to my doctor on day 5. After taking his antibiotic course for 5 days symptoms were still the same. Did hymeogram blood test after 1.5 week. everything was normal except WBC which was very slighly raised. Doc said this is viral infection and prescribed more antibiotics. after 2 weeks all the symptoms were still the same infact got worse.
I went to new doc she prescribed antiallergy meds and got more blood tests like thyroid, c reactive protein, HIV everything came back negative. then she referred me to a rheumatologist.
The rheumo asked me to do a complete arthritis profile blood work ( pretty costly) which again came back normal. She was clueless and told me I may have to bare these symptoms till they go away on their own and it may be post viral syndrome or viral infection itself.
Right after that ( at around 5 weeks) I started having red bumps on my shoulder, legs chest and face. few were itchy and few were non itchy.

Now here I am after 7 weeks and still have drry cold, muscle pain, dizzyness, rashes with no idea what I am suffering from.

Please help.


Jahn333 04-10-2017 07:35 AM

Re: Undiagnosed symptoms
Hi All,

I would appreciate any help as I am still having same symptoms after 8 weeks.


gandc 04-27-2017 04:18 PM

Re: Undiagnosed symptoms
Are you well now? Seems like some bug is going around our town that lasts at least a month or even two. It's like the flu/cold that won't go away. It's viral, so antibiotics don't help. I hope you recovered fully. If not, you may need to get your Vitamin D and B levels checked. Low D and B can cause flu like symptoms or make it so you can't recover from illnesses.

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