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Tourmaline 01-20-2004 11:11 AM

Dizziness caused from the flu?
I am literally at my wits end and I'm getting quite worried about this. At the beginning of december I got a wicked bad flu that had me in bed for a week...I had all the symptoms including the bad stomach. Again, about a week and a half later I got it back...same symptoms ect. Since then I've been fine pretty much, aside from a lingering cough but now I've become dizzy almost like my head is in a thick fog and mildly nauseated with a lack of this from the flu, or is this another "bug". I've made a doc's appointment for tomorrow so hopefully she can give me some piece of mind.

chigs489 01-22-2004 06:43 AM

Re: Dizziness caused from the flu?

your story sound like mine. In early December, after getting over the flu, I developed this weird foggy-headed dizziness. It felt like I was in an airplane descending. Aside from clearing my throat a lot, I felt o.k. I was a little worried about it, but sinply thought it was labrynthitis -an inner ear viral infection that causes dizziness.

Well I was wrong. A week later, I developed asthmatic symptoms (wheezing). The dizziness/lighteheadedness/brain fog hung on for 2 weeks. My GP put me on meds for the asthma, and it cleared up. But the head problems never went away.

Fast forward 4 weeks to early January. Fed up, I went to an ENT who put me on Singulair and a nasal spray. They didn't do much. the dizziness became milder, and eventually turned into a groggy lightheadedness.

Then this week, I developed a sore throat and my nasal discharge turned yellow -evidence of a bacterial infection. I was FINALLY put on antibiotics.

My theory is that a secondary bacterial infection developed in my sinuses following a bout with the flu. This is commonly called acute or chronic bacterial sinusitis. It can drag on for months in some cases.

Make sure your doctor knows about this condition, and takes the appropriate steps. Even if your nasal discharge is clear, you could still have bacteria lodged in your sinuses.

Tourmaline 01-22-2004 08:55 AM

Re: Dizziness caused from the flu?
Well, thanks for the response, I'll definately watch for symptoms like that. I went to the doctor yesterday to see if I could shed some light on what I had and she said what was causing my dizziness/stomach woes was fluid behind my eardrum. She said there wasn't much she could do for me and that I might try taking decongestant tabs and/or nasal spray to help things along but she said it will take a couple weeks for it to vanish completely. While she did say it could lead to infection in my ears, there's not anything she can prescribe me until my ears start to hurt or unless it gets any worse. I've been told by her to keep an eye on how my ears are feeling each day and even one day after the visit and using a bit of nasal spray yesterday, I have to admit there has been a very small improvement...though I think alot of it has to do with my mind being set at ease that there wasnt anything deadly seriously wrong with me. *lol*


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