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oopixistix20oo 03-31-2004 10:42 PM

Eye Thing?
I just recovered from pneumonia, sinus infection and brochitis... and I feel so much better after taking zithromax... but last nite my left eye started bothering me and i noticed that it started to swell under my eye, directly under.. today when i woke up it was worse, so i iced it all day and kept the swelling down, now its gotten worse, the left side of my face is swollen, as well as my eye, if i look closely, i see little tiny bubbles i guess where it is swollen directly under my eye- whats going on? what is it.. ew how do i make the swelling do away, its really annoying :/

oopixistix20oo 04-01-2004 04:48 PM

Re: Eye Thing?
So I went to the ER this morning since my symptoms worsened... they diagnosed me with Herpes Simplex. They prescribed me with Valtrex, and some eye drops and ointment.. Has anyone ever had this before? I think I had it a few yrs ago so Im guessing its going to stay dormant in my body.. but how often is it going to show? And it itches like crazy, but I cant touch it b/c if i touch myself anywhere else, it will spread... is there anything i can do for that?

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