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Rafael02 09-10-2004 10:28 AM

After 2 1/2 month sore throat now canker sores in throat?HELP!!
I need to know if someone can help with my dilemma....I have had a sore throat that lasted approximately 2 1/2 months...I believe that it was from allergies and/or post nasal drip and I have since moved the sore throat cleared up within 4 days...but here is my current problem...Just as my sore throat is clearing up I now have canker sores about the back of my throat...Is this normal when getting over an illness/infection and what would be the best way to get rid of them quickly? I have been gargling with peroxide/water solution once a day and have also been swishing my mouth out with Pepto Bismol to try and decrease the acid in my mouth...Someone please respond...I now have a rather white tongue from all the peroxide and the antibiotics that were prescribed but didn't work a few weeks ago...One canker sore is just normal red canker sore and the other is kind of red but mostly flesh colored but is kind of like a raised 'welt'...I heard on another post that canker sores are normal after getting over an infection or illness also they may be a result of stress and/or chemical changes in the body, i.e. menstrual cycle. I just started my period today and I have had these canker sores for about a week....Any suggestions??Please??!!I am leaving town to get married in a few weeks and any suggestions that anyone would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!!By the way...I have heard on another post that something called 'Cankermelts' works rather well and I have since ordered it....

shlllbybaine 09-11-2004 01:08 PM

Re: After 2 1/2 month sore throat now canker sores in throat?HELP!!
Hi, i seen your post on another board too, i have just been diagnosed with having allergies myself and when the doc looked in my throat she said it was very red and irritated probably due to post nasal drip too and coughing also my throat was sore, but to me it sounds like maybe strep throat for you, thats usually what happens is redness then the welts or spots....did you have a throat culture done? Whenever i have had a canker sore i gargle with warm salt water a couple times a day but not too much because it can irritate it more...good luck!!!!!!!!

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