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bronwync7 10-05-2003 08:26 AM

cold in eye?
I woke up the other morning and under my eye was swollen. I then proceeded to feel like I had the flu where my throat was sore and my body ached. I am feeling better now but my eye is getting worse and this morning when I woke up my eye was crusted over. I don't know what to use on it, warm rags, medicine. Somebody please give me some advise.

2001Flushes 10-07-2003 12:36 PM

Sounds like possible conjunctivitis. Get evaluated by a doctor and there are different ophthalmologic eye drops they can prescribe to get rid of the prob for ya.

bronwync7 10-08-2003 03:46 PM

thank you and I did go to the doctor they told me that I had a bad sinus infection and sometimes it can drain from the eyes. I really appreciate the advise.

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