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aarons_mommy 01-21-2006 08:03 PM

coughing up cold & blood?
just wondeing if anyone else here that has had a bad cold/flu/virus has coughted up a lot of white cold? and some cold with a little blood in it? in december about the 26th i stated getting sick with what i thought was the flu. i had severe congestion and hoarseness, and just plain fatigue and all. it started out with me going to the bathroom every minute. i thought it was something i ate at first. that lasted a while with what i thought was the flu. then a couple of weeks later i'm hit with this terrible fatigue. it's so bad that i had trouble gettin gout of bed and just walking to the bathroom or kitchen. it felt like i was goign to fall out. i even had anxiety from it all worrying about if something serious was wrong. i went to the docs and they couldnt find anything. thehy only said it must be just me getting over that flu thing i had and that it must be the ligering effects of it. my back and stuff hurt me a lot too. it felt even stiff to move at times. i finally started feeling better last week. but tonight i have not been feeling good. i have been going to the bathroom a lot cause my stomach keeps hurting. i've been like 5 times already. and then i have this cold in my throat so i have been coughing it up. its white cold. later i coughed up some cold and threw up a little and i noticed some blood in the toilet and then in the sink when i coughed up more cold. now i'm really worried. what is causing this? and my stomach keeps hurting off and on and i have to run to the bathroom. i'm not sure if its another cold or if i'm having allergies cause i have sneezed a few times and blow my nose and coughed up this but then thers some blood in it. also i had some anxiety again earlier and my heart was racing. ive been known to have anxiety though and dont know if it is related to this?

Johndg2 01-21-2006 08:42 PM

Re: coughing up cold & blood?
It sounds like you have been sick for a long time. I've been sick now for 23 days. As with you, I think it started out with a stomach virus, becuase I was in the bathroom all night long on Dec 28th. And I too started feeling better slowly, after about 3-4 days regaining my health, and stamina. But after that the fatigue stayed, along with headaches, and general achey feeling. I dont know how bad you feel. But you should definately take it really easy, especially since you are coughing up blood. I would go to a different doctor too and see what he says. Try some homeopathic remedies.
I'm not sure what I got, but it was/is a nasty virus(i think). Also, it is possible that you or I have more than one infection going on at one time.
Hope you get to feeling better.

aarons_mommy 01-21-2006 09:00 PM

Re: coughing up cold & blood?
thanks. i'm sorry yo've been sick so long. this sucks. i really want to sleep but every time i try to sleep i wake up w/myheart racing and i start having anxiety cause of it. but i didnt have this problem much before i got very sick. so i can't hardly get any sleep. unless i stay up real real late until i can't help but go to sleep. i'm so tired. lol

gardenandcats 01-21-2006 09:01 PM

Re: coughing up cold & blood?
have you been to a doctor? If not you really should. sounds like you need a antibiotic.

engineer1961 02-12-2006 09:58 PM

Re: coughing up cold & blood?
Don't stress to bad over the blood it's just from coughing really hard and breaking some tiny blood vessels in the lungs 9aleast that's what mine was ) .It' happens everytime i get broncitus or phnemonia. Get better soon!!

twanger 02-13-2006 07:03 AM

Re: coughing up cold & blood?
You probably need to see a doctor. I had this going on a month and I finally took some antibiotics and it did the trick.

I needed the antibiotics and an inhaler to get the junk out of my chest.

I felt weak for about 6 weeks and I am finally better at 8 weeks.

I hope that you can see someone who can help.

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