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  • Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

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    Old 07-30-2006, 02:13 PM   #1
    Senior Veteran
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    Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    I've been having flu/cold/allergy symtoms for over a year. Brain fog, pressure behind my eyes, head pressure, ear popping, drained feeling, tired, heavy fatigue. Been to 15 dr.s and can't find anythign wrong with me. I feel like my sinus's are clooooged. what should i do?

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    Old 08-03-2006, 10:49 AM   #2
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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    I had the exact same thing. I keep insisting that I had a sinus infection because I did have one once and it felt the same way. Finally my doctor gave me a head exray after many months and that also came back negative he said to me " you are not really sick, you are depressed". And that was the beginning of it all. I just went down hill for then on.

    Old 08-24-2006, 01:27 PM   #3
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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    I can tell you I have felt the same way as you for close to a year.Never ever felt like that.I thought I was dying.I lost my Mother unexpectably and I had depression like I never had before.I also had major Anxiety.During the winter I felt like almost every day like I had a cold and flu.Im sure that the deppression was the cause of me feeling sick.I finally chose an Antidepressant and it has worked along with Exercise.I still think exercise and eating good is the #1 key though to feeling good.

    Old 08-26-2006, 08:37 PM   #4
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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    Well i was on 3 differnet anti depressants and it didn't help at all .

    Old 09-09-2006, 09:50 AM   #5
    Mr. Natural
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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    Antideppresents are dangerous and have been linked to suicide. Be very careful, although if you want my opinion....I wouldn't take them at all. There is a safer way to deal with depression and exercise is one of them. Exercise will help alleviate hour of intense working out daily does wonders. Get some sunlight. Sunshine helps alleviate depression...I would try 20 minutes outdoors without your shirt on. Darker skinned people have more melonin and have to be out longer to absorb the equivalent of a fair skinned person who burns faster. Sunlight is responsible for stronger bones (because of the Vitamin D), stronger immune system, and every part of your body will benefit. Also Carlson liquid fish oil is really good for depression. A teaspoon twice a day with meals usually does the trick. Anything more than that you can try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Look it up on the net. Then there is also meditation and yoga.

    As far as the cold and flu problem, see my post on the thread "Very sick...need help". I gave some advice there.

    Old 09-10-2006, 12:41 PM   #6
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    Lightbulb Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    Do you live in a mouldy home or work in a mouldy environment?

    I had very similar symptoms plus a lot more and found it was due to mould in my home.

    Old 09-28-2006, 06:41 AM   #7
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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    Taking anti-depressants can make you very tired and can be deadly (you said you are taking 3?) hopefully not at the same time. It supresses brain activity and as a result, you can die. You need to watch that, IMO.

    Old 10-06-2006, 01:48 AM   #8
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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    ,I saw your post and wanted to let you know that I knowof four things that come to mind .I have issues with 3 of these myself along with several other viral infecting or reactivated infections because of a low immune system..

    . 1st EBV ( epstein Barr Virus) If you get it as an adult it can stick with you for several years in some cases . you would need antivirals and I am unsure but maybe antibiotics too- unsure . I had it and never was treated - it stayed with me because of a low immune system which I did not yet realize I had at that point.. I got it as an adult. Most are not as affected if they get EBV as a child,or teen or it will go away w/ treatment quickly. which is usually the case.. If you get it and every one does eventually , as an adult it can be much worse the the basic kissing disease. THe fatigue can litterally last a year or two.

    I also have lyme disease and the beginning symptoms were just what you listed, I even went to a dr. I did have the Lyme rash too & saw & removed the tick but it was on for more than 24 hours..( but many do not get the rash ) The Dr. I saw didn't run tests or anything he just assumed we don't have lyme in the south .( He was very wrong) He was an idiot! I believed him and continued to deal with all the weird symptom and more - it took 7 years for me to get tested and it was done through one of the only three Lyme Literate labs in the country .. I strongly suggest you are tested for Lyme and coinfections, ONLY USE either IGENEX Or MDL ( Medical Diagnostics Lab) I liked MDL alot.. they test more specifically for lyme than any other labs..I got a positiive test right the 1sst time / which is rare- its hard to catch it in the blood- it hides , the lab -w it does make a difference - because the testing is really just cruddy.. they can come up neg. often when positive, the elisa is the worst test.. not even wort getting but you can get both no matter what get the western blot IgG And IgM ...if you test at all. your regular lab can send the blood out to MDL for you.Not to scare you or anything but by the time I was diag. 7 yr. later I ended up on long term IV abx.(15 months of heavy doses) for the Lyme and other coinfections that you can get from a tickbite.. there are a severeal ,andd some of the symptoms are similar to lyme and some are also hard to test if you had a rash , or even if you did not as some people do not , try testing for Tick borne diseases.. some do not produce a rash at all. I had all the symptoms you listed the 1st year , and then many additional since.After 7 years I had Eventually seizures , arthrithis, severe cognitive/memory problems , emotional libility, depression, anxiety, lowered IQ, Lowered body temp - yet I ran fevers on and off for years,weight gain, migraines, weird headaches, perephel neuropathy hand /arms/ legs/ feet/ andpart of face. Trouble swallowing, just sick...pain in joints became severe eventually.;. I am disabled at this time.

    I had a Real Lyme Specialist - mine was also an infectious disease specialist - but if the treatment is not strong enough and for long enough - it will only make it temp. disappear ( it hides - and will come back). And then later you get Late stage symptoms when it returns.The doctors that are willing to treat long term are rare , So if you go make sure you get the Western Blot .. The Elisa is very inaccurate.. none of the tests are very good for this disease. The treat,ment is simple if caught early.. Antibiotics -look up ] for tons of good info - there is alot of misinformation out there, or (Then look at Dr. Burrrascanos treatment info) He no longer treats but the good omes who ar treating for late stage Lyme disease which can require much more treatment and stronger coarses of abx. Because after the Disease cross into the blood brain barrier it is just much harder.. for more infoThe ticks are super small- pin head size in some cases till after they feed. They can produce many symptoms but the earliest ones are sometimes rash- like a bullseye..fevers, fluish, sinus symtoms, sore achey, extreme fatigue, difficulty sleeping , often a problem like swelling or pain/ reactive arthritis of just one knee,or a major joint.. some get tingling , numbness in extremities, sometimes later infection will cause neuro problems, memory loss, cognitive function impairments, word loss, Brain fog, headaches and can even cause seizures after its reached the brain... not in everyone, there are many many symptoms of Lyme. most you would never connect all together. Early detection is the key to getting well

    the 3rd Thing is Maybe : mold or sinus infection, which if its been year round , it could also be something more than a basic sinus infection. You should at least maybe have some basic testing done, or allergy testing sinus looked at on imaging.testing for some of those type infections.

    I just have to tell you one more thing - Lyme is from a tick but it is a cousin to syphillis-( both Spirochetes) and it acts in a similar way .. but harder to get rid of . What it has in common is it can get into any part of the body incl. brain after the tickbite, and it can mimic most diseases just like syphillis.. strange but true.. It can appear like MS., or ALS, or Flu, Arthrithis, Dozens of odd illnesses depending on where it is at that time .I let the thing kick my butt for 7 years but only after memory and cognitive issues arose did I really see that all this was connected.. and figure out what it was.After 15 months of IV antibiotics I am only a little better than when I began treatment - there are many strains and I have never been able to get rid of this one.. likely will not recover completely ..because I waited too long , but I keep trying.

    I really hope its one of the simpler things that I suggested rather than lyme ,and you may also consider Chronic fatigue syndrome or some autoimmune diseases as well..
    Just so you know if you check more into Lyme there are two standards of treatment.. Many infectious Disease Dr. will only give a low dose of doxycyline for a short period of time- if it turns out you have lyme( and your Dr. will try to use the most useless test - the elisa from a crappy lab)- instead of the specilty labs that include the more sensive other band that are more specific to lyme.I have lyme - and If I use a crappy test and bad lab it usually wont show up.. So if you come out positive and have had it at least a year you likely will reuire abx. until all symptoms are gone and in much stronger doses than avg. Infectious disease doctors wish to give.. you can contact me for more info but there are Dr. 's ( Just mabe a 50 or so ..That do treat later stage lyme with more effective doses that will help people even in later stages after many years into remission or even cure if it has not been too long since the bite or you get lucky with the right strain, right Dr. and right combo of abx., also most people are not even aware of a bite often- because some ticks are very small- fit on a pinhead.The problem there is if it has caused certain types of damage before being treated - that damage may not be reversible.But with good care and treatments you will not contimue to decline further and some of the symptom if not all will hopefully resolve.I would fsurely find a dr. to test and be sure its sent to MDL - get the western blot the elisa is just a waste of money no matter what they say , if they pressure you than get them all and coinfection testing as well, you can also use IGenex..I just prefer MDL results printout better & feel like they are a more recognized lab -Get a normal lab to do it like labcorp or quest but have it then sent to MDL or IGENEX for you. it will be sent up north ( I think Jersey area).

    PS. I have been thru several types of antidepressants , and anxiety meds myself since Lyme got ahold on me ..its in my brain. But I am now on a good combo of Prozac and ( as needed -Xanax, which also helps with my sleeping too.) Sometimes it just takes the right one or combo. I usually stick to the older things so that there is a generic avail. They have actually proven the newer ones are not particularly better too.Just 10 times more expensive.

    I hope these gave you some idea where and what to look at.I hope this didn't freak you out but since your symptoms sound like my orig. symptoms for at least the first year.I figured it should be suggested to you.

    Check web md also and out in your symptoms and it adds them up and gives you some possibilities- it may give you something else that no-one has thought of or tested you for yet..
    ( Sandi )

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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    Have you had a CT Scan to look to confirm it is sinus related? Have you seen a neurologist and Ear Nose and Throat Doctor. I would ask for referrals to these doctors from your regular doctor.

    If they can't find nothing wrong with you, it could be anxiety. Sometimes worrisome people can make a simple problem ten times worse (which is me sometimes).

    I am in no way doubting the symptoms you are feeling. Get to these specialists and if one doctor's findings don't set in right with you, find another one.

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

    Old 11-07-2006, 09:40 AM   #10
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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    I just found out about this last week when a Tulsa TV Station had a report about it. I found this so interesting. I had a brother die 3 years ago from an infection and now have a brother in law who has been fighting an infection since June. This sounds almost too good to be true but I am getting some and also getting enough to give my family.

    Anon2239 (Sandy)

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    Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    If i were you, i would stick to one doctor and look into chronic fatigue. To get diagnosed for this, it is best to stay with one dr as they will need to monitor you as the diagnosis takes some time.

    Old 02-17-2007, 11:04 PM   #12
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    Thumbs up Re: Cold/flu for a year :(! please help

    Originally Posted by pinklulu View Post
    If i were you, i would stick to one doctor and look into chronic fatigue. To get diagnosed for this, it is best to stay with one dr as they will need to monitor you as the diagnosis takes some time.
    I think this advice is excellent. Unless you are very uncomfortable with all of the doctors you've seen, I would choose one and stay with her/him. Sometimes it takes a while for a doctor to determine what is going on, and it sounds like you have a complicated illness. Good luck to you!

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