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When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...

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Old 11-14-2007, 05:16 AM   #1
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AngieBaby77 HB User
When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...

For the past three weeks I have had bronchitis. It started out as a cold. Then the doctor said it was a sinus infection and gave me Amoxycillin. Things got worse, not better so I went to the Urgicare department of my local ER and another doc said acute bronchitis and gave me these worthless cough supressant pills.

So, after another week of constant coughing, I went to my primary care doc and he said I had a fever of 101 and he thinks I have some sort of infection. He gave me a different kind of antibiotics and codeine cough syrup. That was yesterday, so I've only had the chance to take one antibiotic so far.

I am still coughing. It is miserable. It hurts. It is semi-dry, I can hear phlegm rattling around when I cough but not as much as it was. My nose is starting to clear up from all the mucus, and my fever is gone, so I assume I am improving a little.

But how long will I keep coughing??? My mother (a heavy smoker) has COPD and chronic bronchitis and I don't want to end up like her. She coughs uncontrollably I would say most of the year. I smoked for 15 years and quit a year ago.

Any hope for me? Any tips or remedies? Maybe this is a persistent strain of acute bronchitis? I just want to get better!

In a related issue, both my kids have had cough, colds and now they have the stomach flu. It is like a freaking epidemic of sickness in our house! The only person who isn't sick is my hubby (a heavy smoker and drinker) he never seems to get sick, it's like he has some kind of super immune system.

Thank You,


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Old 11-22-2007, 08:44 AM   #2
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Location: East Brunswick, NJ
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Cdurg HB User
Re: When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...

I'm sorry you feel bad. I have had bronchitis, and usually the doctor will give a strong antibiotic and maybe you need an inhaler or have developed asthma from it. That happened to me once. I had to use the asthma inhaler for a few weeks, actually until I got better. I remember I was totally miserable.

Old 11-27-2007, 05:21 PM   #3
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Location: Port Saint Lucie, Fl, USA
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bjz823 HB User
Re: When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...

I am coughing still after a couple weeks from a cold. I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I think if you get enough rest and drink plenty of fluids the antibiotics y ou have now probably will work. I need some of that good cough medicine also so I can rest a bit. If not sleep relax because this coughing is a pain.

I am glad you quit smoking and that is great news.

Old 12-06-2007, 05:31 PM   #4
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Location: Toronto, Canada
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Mandarra HB UserMandarra HB User
Re: When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...

I've had a cough for over a month now, it's driving me crazy. It's fit's of tickling then nothing, one minute I feel great and the next my chest is tight and I'm coughing. What is this, I've never had a cough last so long. I had a chest xray but haven't gotten results yet.

Old 01-02-2008, 09:41 PM   #5
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thekeith HB User
Re: When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...

Here is my deal

Got a cough, it was horrible, I was choking on phlegm, I have never been one of those guys that could "hock up" anything, never
I guess my gag reflex is just to sensitive.
Anyway, I would cough up at first green, then after about a week white, which I heard is good (green being an infection), I would have to sit down quickly for this because I have a bad back and standing and basically throwing up mucus was to hard on me (cant win)
Anyway, went to doc (no insurance), he listened to my lungs (clear), took temp (fine), told me to get an expectorant and gave me a script for cough syrup (codeine)
Did all that, it was the same but not worse.
I have sleep apnea (yes I am a wreck)..dont have a machine (no insurance and trust me, I know, I need to get the tests and machine and I am working on it as well as losing weight as when i was thinner I didnt have the sleep problem)
One night I woke up not breathing, and I dont mean briefly, I stood up choking, unable to breath, I saw stars, It was like trying to suck air thru a balloon knot..
somehow I recovered.
Now my cough has gone to this dry annoying non productive cough.
Oh yeah, got a humidifier, I cant tell difference.
Anyway, not choking on body fluid is a good thing so now here is my deal
Dry cough, and REAL dry throat, when i yawn, at the apex of the yawn it feels like the back of my throat is coated in sandpaper and stuck together producing violent coughing spasms
I wasnt better but I was well enough to actually go places and just be "a guy coughing"
BTW, I dont and have never smoked nor worked around chemicals
This originally came on like a flu, I woke up and knew I was "getting sick"
Then I got what felt like a REAL flu, like the one going around, so I went to doc next day, checked lungs (fine), and blood oxygen level (fine), and even though bronchitis is a virus there are some bacterial considerations so he gave me 5 super anti-biotics (1 a day)
I also drinks tons of water, orange juice, garlic pills, C pills, and trying to just rest (hard to do when laying down is the worst position for this deal)
So this is day 5 of the antibiotics, so those are gone and well we can count on having NO bacteria in my system good or bad for sure (I will take probiotics tomorrow to re-populate some "good stuff"
BTW, I first got this "ailment" about 2 1/2 months ago
This is amazing.
So now during day, and doing normal stuff, i just have a "cough", but at night its like someone sucked all the water from my throat and it is closing and made of sandpaper and basically I sleep a few hours a night because the rest of the time I am coughing or falling asleep then waking up not breathing.

I imagine that having the physical attributes to give me sleep apnea and NOT the best with bronchitis that is a condition that causes swelling in bronchial tubes, this is the most obvious deduction I can make
Anyway, my doctor doesnt seem worried (even though docs rarely show emotion) but his his demeanor is "this stuff happens it takes time"
I asked him how long is the longest he has seen, he almost interuppted me (in a good way, as if he knew I was gonna ask) he said "6 months"
I dont know if I should be taking cough syrup at this time, it still feels like I need to cough something up, but there is nothing, we will see about that one
SO anyway, I cant really say i am asking a question or answering one, but this is my experience up till now

and expect to see me cut n paste this on a new post looking for some encouragement.

Old 01-09-2008, 05:05 PM   #6
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Erie, PA USA
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Mossflower HB User
Re: When will this bronchitis go away? So miserable...

Hello to everyone who has this nasty bronchitis.

I get it too. and it sucks because it seems to take FOREVER to go away. When I get it, it takes anywhere from a week to three weeks for me to fully recover. One thing that really gets me mad is it seems to depend on the doctor- they diagnose me incorrectly sometimes- last year I had this and they didnt give me the proper antibiotics... I ended up with walking pneumonia. Its very frustrating, especially when you lose your voice and no one can understand you and you cant even call the doctor by yourself to talk to a nurse.

What helps me a lot are these things:
*to clear the mucus from my head, I do the steam bath thing. ie., heat about 4-6 cups of water to boiling on the stove. Pour it off into a bowl and then place it on the table and cover my head with a towel and inhale the steam. caution- remove contacts and glasses- the steam can melt vinyl and take the coating off of glasses. Keep a wastebasket & tissues very closeby.

*Mucinex pills (OTC med for congestion & cough)
*fisherman's friend cough drops
*gagrling with warm salt water for sore throat
* Throat Coat tea- can probably get at any health foods store or at GNC- has a slippery elm base and is the most soothing tea I have ever used for the sore throat
* triaminacin strips for runny nose- get these in the kids' department of the store. they used to sell them for adult sbut now they only have them packaged for kids. Doseage was the same on both for adults & kids.
*vicks on chest & back
*sleep, sleep and more sleep
*no caffeine, no alcohol, no smoking
* lots of clear soups
*an asthmatic inhaler
*vitamin C
*lots of fluids
*Afrin nasal spray (discard according to package directions & do not reuse for a different cold later. bacteria builds up inside it and you can get a worse cold if you use it at a later date.)

I think the key with bronchitis is not to get run down in the first place. But if we had little meters attached to our bodies that monitored our system levels, it might be easier to determine when we are pushing ourselves too much... unfortunately, we don't

I hope some of these things will help... get well soon

Last edited by Mossflower; 01-09-2008 at 05:09 PM. Reason: additional information

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