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Emicakess 06-08-2010 11:46 PM

Mouth and throat infection
So, it is now Tuesday night. Some information: This all started Friday morning... My boyfriend wokeup late for work and was complaining about not feeling good. I didnt think much of it, because sometimes he complains when he wakes up late. Well I left for work, when I came back I found him sleeping with a fever.. He said he left work early due to not feeling well. I didnt have a thermoniter until Saturday morning so I'm not sure what his tempature was Friday. Saturday, his tempurature was ranging from 100 -102. Due to stupid circumstances he got called into work and worked 4 hours. When he came back he took a nap. I took his temperature and it was 103. By now his throat started swelling, and eventually swelled up terribley by sunday. Also, he was complaining about his gums and wisdom teeth hurting. With doses of tylonal, I'm getting his temperature to stay down to 99 - 101. Nothing was getting better, only worse. He woke up yesterday morning with a swollen tongue, and was complaining about THAT hurting now. We thought he had strep throat. So I took him to the urgent care, yesterday. Strep throat was not the case, a the doctor diagnosed him with a "mouth and throat infection" (I dont understand this, it is so vague). He prescribed him antibiotics and vicodin. The vicodin is helping with the pain, and keeping his temperture down to 99-101. There are FOURTY antibiotics (2 a day, thats 20 days). He woke up this morning and was complaining of a layer of gunk all over the top of his mouth and back of his teeth. Now his mouth his so swollen he can barely talk (it hurts him) and he can barely eat or swollow. And he is also coughing up blood.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had this or knows anyone that has had these symptoms before. Or any advice or anything. Just any information, because the doctor did not go into any kind of detail at all.

JohnR41 06-12-2010 10:42 AM

Re: Mouth and throat infection
It sounds bad. I would go to another doctor for a second opinion. In the mean time, keep taking the antibiotics.

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