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cutedolly 06-26-2010 11:03 PM

plz help me. i am confused
i usually have cold in my childhood. Doc says that i have allergy from dust. i am 16. i used to eat ebast, an antibiotic when i was affected with cold and my health also used to get well within an hour. this thing only repeated till my 16. three months ago, i went to saloon for my wax, the surprising thing happened. when i got my waxing complete and reached home, after two hours, my throat suddenly started paining. the pain slowly and slowly increased. though my nose wasnt blocked at all but i was unable to breathe. then i immediately went to the doc. i got nebuliser and he gave me two injections too. doc said that i might have allergy from the powder. after a month, when i again went saloon for waxing, i went for chocolate wax. in this particular type, they dont use powder. but after that same thing happened. now i am worried.plz help me. i really dont know whats the problem. what should i do?

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