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marcine26 12-31-2010 07:41 PM

cough question
not sure what to do or think.

been sick since right after thanksgiving. I got a pretty bad cold and sinus infection, it went away in about a week....or so I thought. On Dec 15 I had to work a long day and lost my voice, I thought it was from talking for 14+ hours but then a cough started and it got gradually worse. After a week I went to the dr and she said I had bacterial bronchitis, gave me antibiotics, an inhaler, and about a liter of cough med with codeine. I have used pretty much everything but now my cough is getting so annoying and it feels like I cannot catch my breath like I am not getting enough oxygen and my chest hurts if I breath too deep or not deep enough. I gag after a coughing fit to the point of almost throwing up. could this have turned into something more than bronchitis or should I let this run its course a little longer. I am scared of the feeling of not having enough air but its not to the point of feeling dizzy or anything.

any suggestions?

thank you

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