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collegefbfan889 01-11-2011 07:00 PM

Regimen For Preventing Colds/Flu...
First off, I am new here. Any help would be appreciated. I am a 36 year old male and teach at a public school. So, you know I am around germs all the time. I actually caught nothing last year and missed zero days due to illness. This school year, I have already had two colds (one might be flu, currently have it) and one sinus infection.

So, is there anything you folks do to prevent these things from coming on in the first place? I read and read and read. It is like my mission is to defeat the common cold. It is so bad, we don't even say it in our house, we spell it.

I have this great chicken noodle soup recipe where I use garlic, red pepper, thyme, rosemary, tons of black pepper, etc. It helps some. Which is better? Cold liquids or hot.

So, does anyone have a daily plan for fighting these illnesses?


janewhite1 01-11-2011 07:30 PM

Re: Regimen For Preventing Colds/Flu...
Handwashing is really the most important part. Most viruses are spread by touch, not by air. Wash your hands frequently during the day, and avoid touching your face (especially eyes, nose and mouth) unless you just washed them.

pupcake 01-12-2011 06:32 AM

Re: Regimen For Preventing Colds/Flu...
Daily plan..

AM wake up, wash your hands.
Get to school- wash your hands
Have hand sanitizer at your desk- use freq.
break-wash your hands
hand sanitizer
Lunch- wash your hands
hand sanitizer
End of day- wash your hands

After you get home- wash your hands.

During the day try to avoid touching your face esp mouth.



collegefbfan889 01-12-2011 10:07 AM

Re: Regimen For Preventing Colds/Flu...
I was thinking more along the lines of daily supplements, mixtures, smoothies, vitamins, etc. that are consumed. Example, my step-grandfather had a lot of trouble with his bones and joints. He took two tablespoons of a mixture of honey and vinegar everyday for at least 35 years. He said it helped.

Any ideas like this one for fighting colds and flu after you catch it or even to prevent catching it.


janewhite1 01-12-2011 06:25 PM

Re: Regimen For Preventing Colds/Flu...
Generally eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, getting enough exercise and getting enough sleep each night is the best way to support the immune system. Vitamin D is crucial, but unless you have blood-test confirmed deficiency go easy on supplements and try to get it from food, as overdose is possible.

However, depending on your job (schoolteacher, working in a pediatrician's office, bus driver) it may be that you are exposed to more germs than any human immune system could possibly ward off. Never mind what's "natural." Humans living in cities and riding airplanes is unnatural, and until we discovered hygiene in the 19th century, contagious disease was a constant terror to the strongest and healthiest people.

Sorry, there's no "cold prevention" formula. Handwashing is the only real solution.

Searfass 02-25-2011 06:53 PM

Re: Regimen For Preventing Colds/Flu...
To prevent is the best thing I can say is take a strong probiotic daily, and like others have said, make certain to wash your hands after you touch anything. I personally take Culturelle daily and it seems to ward off hostile invaders just fine.

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