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Goveness 06-06-2012 01:53 PM

What kind of cold do I have?
Fatigue and body aches for the 1st 2 days, but no fever and just a slight sore throat. Head feels full of water but no runny nose. No flemmy cough but altered voice and a small dry cough on day 3.

only taking nyquil at night, and emergen-C durring the day.

What could it be?

SREIM 06-06-2012 07:05 PM

Re: What kind of cold do I have?
You sound like me. I ache all over but here on day 3 I have a cough with flem coming up. I went to the doctor yesterday and she came me hydrocodone for the pain and an antibiotic. I feel terrible and acutely ill. I feel so miserable that I can't do anything. That is why I am here reading others aches and pains. I am drinking and sleeping a lot. My doctor said it might take 10 days to get over this. I don't know how I can stand so much aching. I hope WE feel better soon.

Goveness 06-07-2012 02:08 PM

Re: What kind of cold do I have?
Turns out i have laryngitis.

SREIM 06-07-2012 03:53 PM

Re: What kind of cold do I have?
I don't know why I ache so bad. I started out with a sore throat with a caugh. But now I just bring up flem and the acheness is the worst. I run a low grade fever.

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