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Sylor 12-04-2012 12:18 PM

What do I have???
So about three weeks ago my Mom, Sister and Dad came down with the flu, they had the coughing, fever, achey-ness, all that good shabang! Well after they got better, me, my sister and brother all came down with a bout of coughs, which started off as slightly raw, horsed throats. Well now its been two weeks and I am coughing still, and randomly i will have attacks of coughs that leave me choking for air and vomiting (this is every single day). My family doesn't have enough money to go to a proper doctor, so we're just trying to wait it out. I'm asking if any of the doctors here, know what this could possibly be and the best way to treat it.

MadameClueless 12-06-2012 12:53 PM

Re: What do I have???
I am not a doctor, I just had to mention that. ;) I have recently been suffering through similar symptoms, and since I live in Canada, I just went to a walk in clinic. As it turns out, what I have was similar to what my father had. (Our story is quite similar to your, dad got It then, I) my father only had the coughing, but I got the coughing along with the flu. My dad, after 3 weeks is done with the cough, just so you know the approximate timeline for the cough. I have only just been diagnosed with the flu and cough. You are probably vomiting, because you are coughing, and I have had the same coughing spazzes as you, what you should try to do, is get some over the counter medication, for simple dought and cold. Then wait out the flu. I hope this helps.

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