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yrsofpainsucks 12-09-2012 01:36 PM

Flu, Bronchitis, or other?
I will start by saying I have the immune system of a newborn, I get EVERYTHING that goes around the office. I am on supplements as reccomended by my dr. The last time I was sick was early Sept with bronchitis. I just got back from a business trip. The weather there was warm. On the way there a man coughed directly in my face when he was putting his luggage in the over head. I was already taking Airborne and Emergen C (sp?) becuase I knew I would be around different peoples germs, and that usually sets me into getting sick as well. Ok so Im fine the 3 days we were there

Fast forward, I got in about 430 yesterday-came home and its chilly but the wind makes it cold. Now not gloves, ear mits etc but it bites at your face. About 11pm I start to get a cough. this morning i wake up and yuck. Coughing green phlem, and the only way I can desribe it is a metallic taste. My lungs feel like I have breathed fire and my throat hurts as well.but its deeper down in the throat.

I am familar with upper Respiratory issues and when I get the metallic phlem its usually infection. But it has never been green. And when I go into a coughing fit I make a weird noise catching my breath before the next cough comes along and I cant stop the noise. Its not the barking when I cough (Im not doing that) its when taking the breath and its not wheezing. Its like when someone gasps after hearing a shocking story. My lungs are junky but its still at the top, hasnt settled at the bottom,

Ok so, it hit me FAST. from feeling fine to coughing and burning lungs with in 2 hours and then when I get up its very bad. No fever, no chills or body aches (but I have chronic pain so I am on pain meds that may mask that) My nose is a little stuffy and my ear hurts but I had issues on the plane ride home and still cant get that ear to pop. I have never had something hit me so fast and not have fever or my body feel like crap. I feel fine otherwise. Cleaning my house just took longer bc if i got too worked up I would go into coughing fit.

I dont know what this could be. If it was dormant for a week or just happened since I got home. I dont have insurance and cannot miss anymore work. Is this bronchitis, the flu or something else. I know I need to go to the dr for a dx, but I cant do that unless this is like pnemonia. Thanks for your help fellow HB :)

yrsofpainsucks 12-10-2012 06:07 AM

Re: Flu, Bronchitis, or other?
Woke up this morning with stuffy nose and very tired even after a nights sleep. My ears are stuffy with pressure as well and they hurt. Throat feels like I swallowed razor blades. no appetite and feeling weak. Not sure if its flu or not. Any advice?

Greeneguy 01-20-2013 07:59 PM

Re: Flu, Bronchitis, or other?

It sounds like you had chronic bronchitis. I had/have the same thing. It seems to last for 2-3 weeks.

Are you better?

yrsofpainsucks 01-26-2013 04:07 PM

Re: Flu, Bronchitis, or other?
turned out to be bronchitis, lingered for about 3 weeks though. Then everyone in the office started spreading a cold around so I got round 2 and it lasted about 3 weeks as well. dr said that I am having chronic/re-occuring bronchtis and its not normal. I am finally feeling better (thanks for asking) but concered about getting it again. Started a healtier diet along with 1000 mg of vitiam c everyday. Crossing my fingers. Hope yours goes away and stays away. Feel better soon

I also want to add a home remedy that one of my co-workers came up with. I have no idea where she heard it but one day she brought a bag of onions and sat one on each of our desks. She said that she had read/heard that the onion absorbs the bacteria (we are in a very confined area where germs easily spread) That was about a month ago and there hasnt been much sickness. The smell of the onion goes away after a couple of days. we are getting new ones next week because we arent sure how long they are supposed to be changed. Not sure if its placebo effect but I dont care if something is working. Ill try anything once to see what happens.

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