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Menno9123 12-03-2013 09:51 AM

Having a cold at least every month
Hi guys,

I really need your help finding out what is wrong with me. the last few years I have been suffering from bad colds every single month, it seems like something I can't stop or prevent from happening. It all starts with one single sneeze, hours later it will get worse and my nose will start running combined with headache and a strange pain in my jaws. in bed I always end up having no sleep at all or very little, mainly because of a nasal congestion. Normally I take paracetamol or aspirin, which helps a lot to get rid of the headache and pain in my jaws.
this all takes about 3 days to finish and everything starts over again a few weeks later.
Last year I have been 'cold-free' untill I moved back to the room that i'm currently in. I just need to know if somebody else knows what is going on, wether it is an allergy or not. because I'm desperate, I don't want to imagine this happening during my A-level exam week

nekogirl 12-29-2013 08:32 PM

Re: Having a cold at least every month
Mold or mildew in the walls or vents? You could have an allergy to it or dust allergy? What about a pet allergy? Try some Benadryl OTC for a week at bed time? It sounds like something in the room you live in is just getting at you all the time now. Investigate the room.

Penguinboy55 02-27-2014 06:11 AM

Re: Having a cold at least every month
You could just have a weakend immune system. Do you get enough fruits &vegetables in your diet? It's very important to have vitamin c and Zinc because they help prevent&fight infection.

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