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AliAyson 01-10-2007 11:56 AM

Update on SMAS Facelift by Dr. Marten in SF
I posted awhile back that I was having a facelift/necklift and chin implant on 12/13 by Dr. Marten in SF. I wanted to give everyone an update in case there's someone out there who's considering some of the same procedures and needs a doc in the Bay Area.

It's been only a month since my surgery and I'm estatic about the results. Dr. Marten's results were better than I'd expected and were exactly in line with what I wanted. I was very nervous about looking too "changed" so I wanted an extremely conservative facelift (I'm 47 so my sagging is minimal). I was also nervous about the chin implant as I've seen some results that are pretty awful. I'm very happy with the chin implant (SO glad I had it done) and my facelift was done very conservatively such that I look like myself, just less "tired". I could not be happier.

I did have some complications such as a "crooked" lip due to my lower right lip not exposing my teeth when I tried to laugh or smile very wide (a slight or medium smile looks fine). In addition my right eyebrow would not raise (though I could frown). Both of these were due to bruised nerves and both are slooooowly resolving themselves. This, the muscle weakness due to bruised nerves, is not that uncommon (some estimates are that 30% of facelift patients will have this complication) and it's very rare for this complication not to resolve itself. I mention these complications not so much as a reflection on Dr. Marten (the best plastic surgeon in the world cannot prevent this complication from happening on occassion), I mention it more for others that might have (or had) the same complication to reassure them that these will most likely go away. Even if neither my smile nor eyebrow ever goes back to normal I have no regrets.

If anyone is looking for a plastic surgeon in the Bay Area I highly recommend Dr. Marten. Though he's generally regarded as one of the top plastic surgeon's in the world, he's very down to earth and unassuming--no arrogance at all. I'd been to other plastic surgeons for consultations prior to consulting with Dr. Marten, and Dr. Marten was by far the most informative and the most receptive to my concerns, etc. You can tell he loves what he's doing because his eyes literally light up when he's talking about a certain procedure and the physiology and technique involved. I never felt rushed or insignificant when talking to Dr. Marten (or his staff).

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