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Same3chords 12-26-2007 09:56 PM

Breast Lift information
Hello all!

I was doing some research on the boards but couldn't really find a post with someone in my age range so I apologize if some of these questions have been asked before.

I am a 22 year old soon to be college grad and I've been seriously considering a breast lift for a couple of years. I developed very early (fourth grade) and through the years I went from a 34D to a 36B. I love my breast size, but there's a lot of extra skin around my boobs that I want to get rid of.

I was wondering the follow:

1) How much would it cost to have this procedure done in the LA area? Being a college grad I'm going to be poor for awhile and plan on saving up.

2) Are there non-surgical alternatives that I am not aware of? As I mentioned, the problem seems to be extra skin- and I have no desire to put on weight to fill in that skin. But are there any other methods of say, getting my skin it's elasticity back? Would that help?

3) i do not plan on having implants or reduction surgery- how would this surgery affect me timewise? I don't think i'm allowed to have a vacation for awhile so it would literally be surgery friday, back to work on monday.

4) What is the difference between aerola reduction and a breast lift? I read on a Plastic Surgeon's website that a AR would also give a slight breast lift, but the price between the BL and the AR were very very different.

Thank you for your time!!

Mel52 01-05-2008 11:11 PM

Re: Breast Lift information
Hi I dont know about the cost of the surgery now for a lift. If you were near Ventura area I know a great surgeon who had studied under Dr.William Shaw who used to be the chief of staff of plastic surgery at UCLA and sadly passed away. Having surgery on Friday wont allow you to go to work on Monday.
If you are having a nipple reduction that is different than a lift. Sometimes after a lift it is necessary to recenter the nipples so if the nipples are to be made smaller that is the time it would be done. A lift will remove the excess skin and tighten the breasts up to make them perky again. You are right about not needing implants if you already have breast tissue. Too many doctors push for the implants and they aren't necessary. I used to be involved in a support group for women who were getting their implants removed because they were sick or had problems with the implants. After a lift many of the women had alot of breast tissue and were shocked to see they never even needed implants.

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