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wanda110 05-01-2008 01:48 PM

tummy tuck and breast reduction on same day
I am scheduled for a breast reduction for late July. I was also considering a tummy tuck at a later time. After reading the message boards, it looks like many women have opted to have both procedures done at the same time. Any pros and cons out there?
Secondly, I am 59, about 30 pounds overweight, and I have 3 months to prepare for this. Is it imperrative that I get all of this weight off first? I am going to try my best now that I have this incentive. I'm sure that some of you are thinking that if I work that hard, I might not need the tummy tuck, but I was a tummy flap that does not respond to exercise.

refsmom 05-13-2008 04:31 PM

Re: tummy tuck and breast reduction on same day
;) Wanda, yes I would have both done at same time. I didn't have breast reduction just implants and tummy tuck, lipo done all at once. I would try to lose some of the weight, only because it will help with the final results, I know how you feel I could of exercised for ever and my tummy still had a flap. I love love love my stomach and breasts. It has given my incentive to walk everyday and I lost another 10 pounds. You will not be dissappointed. good luck:)

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