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kaynfla 08-22-2008 09:22 AM

Right eyebrow and forehead paralyzed after brow lift
Hi. I'm new to this discussion board, and have learned a lot from reading various postings. I'm in a decision making period regarding a PS procedure gone wrong, and am hoping that I might be able to get some feedback regarding my situation that might help me make a more informed decision. In any case, thank you for reading my post. A year has passed since I underwent a facelift, brow lift and had a lower eye lid procedure. I've had several major medical surgeries, but never expected the pain and discomfort that I had after these procedures. My bruising and swelling lasted for months, but as the swelling subsided I noticed that everything seemed to be in proper working order with the exception of my right eye brow and forehead. My PS said it sometime takes up to two years for the nerves to regenerate so I had high hopes that I would look normal again. However, a year later I have a right eye that appears smaller than the left eye due to the drooping of the right eye lid. My right eyebrow is noticeably lower than my left eyebrow due to my forehead muscle on that side being paralyzed and I have two indentations on each side of that muscle. Any form of facial expression makes it obvious that only half of my forehead is working so I keep my hair pulled down as much as possible. I've also become so uncomfortable that I no longer make eye contact with people; by keeping my gaze and head down it makes my problem less noticeable. I saw my PS a couple of days ago, and he now says my chances of the nerves returning to normal are less than 20%. He suggested Botox. I replied that Botox would only be a temporary fix, and asked for options. He said that he could do a half brow lift on that side to fix the problem, but I again would be responsible for the cost of the surgical center, anesthesia, etc. He would not charge me for his services. He would want to make the incision into the hairline again which would make the right side of my forehead higher than the left side. After the browlift my forehead was in my opinion much too high already. The thought of one side being even higher was not appealing to me. He offered to do another procedure in his office at no cost to me whatsoever where he made an incision above the right brow, removed the paralyzed muscle and raised the brow. He said he's not sure that I would be happy with that option though because the scar might be considerable. I've never been one to have a problem with scarring after surgery, but his concern has caused me some anxiety about this option even though it would certainly be more affordable and less invasive. I'm also having thoughts of seeking the opinion of another PS. I know the cost will be a lot higher to start over with another PS (and money is tight right now), but my confidence in my PS is waining; especially after his suggestion that I just use Botox to fix the problem (at my expense of course.) Right now I am just hoping that one morning I'll wake up and see signs of improvement. I want my decision for corrective surgery to be well thought out, and would appreciate input from anyone that has been in a similar situation or anyone that would like to offer an opinion, suggestion, etc. I apologize for the length of my post and thank you in advance for your time. :confused:

cathy1 08-26-2008 07:26 PM

Re: Right eyebrow and forehead paralyzed after brow lift
I don't get why if this Dr. made a mistake doing this surgery that he should fix this without any cost to you.

kaynfla 08-27-2008 07:29 AM

Re: Right eyebrow and forehead paralyzed after brow lift
[QUOTE=cathy1;3705172]I don't get why if this Dr. made a mistake doing this surgery that he should fix this without any cost to you.[/QUOTE]

Hi Cathy. The doctor has offered his "services" free of charge, but he explained that I would have to pay for the anesthesia, the operating room and associated costs. The charge he quoted me was around $2,000 which would seem pocket change for him since I paid $15,000 for the surgery to begin with. That included everything. I'm hesitant about being aggressive with him because if I do let him do the surgery he is the one holding the knife.:( I'm not happy with my appearance now, but I'd hate it to be worse after the second surgery :confused: Thanks for your response.

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