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poppy83 04-26-2013 09:51 AM

Wedge labiaplasty- stitches have burst- advice please!
Hello all....

I had a wedge labiaplasty performed on April 12th, I was super happy with results then on day 12 post op the stitches on the inside of the right labia popped and the open wound started to ooze and I also noticed that the outside of the right labia isn't closing- though the stitches are still intact and holding it together. I went to the local A&E (I was away visiting friends) and they took a swab and gave me antibiotics (the swab has since grown an aerobic infection and I have been advised to get a second type of antibiotic from my GP). I am now 14 days post op- the two days of antibiotic treatment (Co-Amoxiclav) have made a massive difference. I have an appointment on Monday (day 17 post op) to see my GP. I had my surgery in Brussels (I am in the UK) and have Emailed my surgeon (who offers revision within one year if problems arise).

So, what I want to know is if anyone has experienced the same- a wedge labiaplasty which has opened, your experience and what your final outcome is?

Even though this has happened I'm still so glad that I've had it done after 15 years of daily hate and shame over my long labia.Even with a hole on the inside of my labia it looks a million times better than pre-op!

I will update this post as things change- I've read so many posts like this one from people stressing over burst stitches but no-one ever updates, which is annoying as you never get to find out the end results!


jennygrl 06-11-2014 12:06 PM

Re: Wedge labiaplasty- stitches have burst- advice please!
How horrible.. My labiaplasty did not open. Did you have surgery to fix it? How did it turn out? I hope you are well! Labia surgery was so great for me. I hope yours did well finally.

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