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Costochondritis or?

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Old 08-28-2005, 05:33 PM   #1
Join Date: Mar 2005
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Shardanomspa HB User
Costochondritis or?

Ok so after a long bout well really since November I have had wierd pains. Initially I had chest pains after a panic attack that lasted for about 3 weeks. My doctor at the time told me it was from acid reflux, he gave me protonix and it was gone in less then a weeks time.
Shoot forward to a year and a half later I get this wierd pain under my sternum closer to the right side of my rib. I noticed 2 weeks after that it kind of hurt my lower back when I breathed in deep, went to the doctor he diagnosed me with acid reflux gave me protonix again. But I could tell this pain felt diffrent if infact the chest pains were acid reflux. He told me the breathing thing was muscle related and not to worry(I am a big gym buff).

Then a month later the pain is still there but this time it feels like it went all over my ribs and its burning me too or it feels like its burning. I got an achy feeling from it that I couldnt describe it would go from one side to another in a matter of weeks then back to the original side. I then developed tenderness on palpitation pains all over my abdomen and on the left side of my sternum on the breast bone. It hurt me to sleep on my stomach and the pains were really sharp then even that one pain under my sternum to the right side.

I go in for an endoscopy and they diagnose me with gastritis,esopagitis, hiatal hernia, edema of the pyrlorus and duedenitis. My doctor basically tells me dont eat what hurts you. Everything was hurting me regardless. So over the course of last winter I take all sorts of ant acids etc and nothing works. So I suspect my gallbladder is playing a part in this so I get an ultrasound which shows nothing and on the written report it even said everything was seen clearly.

I get ****** off at my doctor for not giving me clear explantions of everything and I tell him I am in pain 24/7 and he said "a young guy liek you doesnt get pain that bad". When he said this thats when I relized it was time to leave and get a second opinion and the GI doctor would never return my calls anyway.

I go to my brothers doctor who happens to be head of cancer surgery in the NYc metro area. This doctor was really on target and he does no his stuff. My brother had went to him when he was having prostate troubles. This doctor was the only doctor who reccomended to my brother that his problem might be pyscological in nature. My brother had a burning pressure tightness feeling in his prostate and it would hurt him to go to the bathroom.
So the new doctor gives my brother paxil xr. After 2 weeks my brother feels normal from 3 years of being in pain! I saw it and I remember it, it wasnt a fun time he was also around the same age as me at the time.

Bottom line I go to this doctor and he thinks he knows what I have but wants to see all my reports and pictures of my stomach just to make sure he is on target.
I give him all my info pics and all and he concluded that there is nothing wrong with my stomach and that my old doctor lied to me just so he could milk my insurance for more money.
He said stop taking nexium eat what you want dont worry I think you have a condition call costochondritis and iam sending you in for an ultrasound of your cartilage.
Low and behold he sees little inflammation. And Iam stuffing myself silly because after seeing all the food I saw around the holidays made me wanna cry cuz I thought I couldnt eat it!!!!

Alot of my symptoms seemed to clear up I no longer have the sharp or tenderness feelings they left in Aprilas well as sometimes feeling pain when I breath on the left side. Now I am just stuck with an achy feeling that comes and goes during the day and a feeling of pressure or tightness on my left side. I havent taken any antiinflammatorys other then a tylenol here any there.
But the symptoms I get are never consistant with anything I do or what I will eat. I find that at night time closer to bed time my symtoms will just stop and I will sleep thruout the night with no pain unlike before. I usually get pain again 3 hours after I wake up regardless of what I do its sort of like clock work, but then again if I wake up to fast or think too much I will get a burning pain in my rib cage.
My new doctor you diagnosed this thinks that I dont have anything wrong with me anymore and that I might want to consider taking a anxiety drug. He thinks that I did have something before but its not as bad as I make it out to be. I also went to the bahammas and was in virtually no pain accept for that slight tightness .Mydoctorhasnt reccomended any antiinflammatorys, but he did give me an rx last week for paxil cr the same thing he treated my brother with.
I am just asking does any of this sound wierd or pyschosymatic to you? What ever I have is definatly the wierdest thing I have ever felt or heard of.
I am going to take a look into Dr.Sarnos program to see if anything relates to me.
Let me know if anybody can help me figure this out I guess for my own mental clarity.

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Old 08-29-2005, 05:44 PM   #2
Join Date: Nov 2004
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jathan HB User
Re: Costochondritis or?

Man it sounded like it was me complaining! I have had this pain and tenderness under my last rib on my left side for probably a year or so that radiates through my abdomen and back and causes me severe pain in the chest at times. It has been so bad at times I have went to the er before because I thought I was having a heart attack and they did blood tests and chest xrays and ekg and said I was fine. Heartburn. Bullcrap. I even went to cardiolgist for echo and stress test said i had mild mitral valve prolapse with trace insufficiency and it was nothing to worry a bout just a benign condition of the left valve. I also lift and jog so I attribute some of my pain to exercise but the chest pain is scary sometimes and I have to work through it and push on. I know a lot of it is anxiety as I have taken meds for this before and it helps. I am also young (30) so when I have been to docs over the last five years about different aches and pains they dont take it too seriously. I have had about every test done imaginable too thinking these other aches and pains were something serious and every time they say they cant find anything or its anxiety. I too have GERD and have for about 5 years and as long as I take my ppi I do allright generally. Well dont feel alone dude any time you want to vent feel free. later

Old 08-31-2005, 07:56 AM   #3
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 57
Shardanomspa HB User
Re: Costochondritis or?

Hey Jath thanks for responding.
The thing is whatever I have is never consistant. The pain will be in one place then move to another!!!
You mention you lift wieghts do you think you might have pulled something?
The pain did it come on suddenly or building up? How did you notice it at first is what iam asking..

Old 08-31-2005, 07:58 PM   #4
Join Date: Nov 2004
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jathan HB User
Re: Costochondritis or?

I really cant remember how the pain came on, I have been dealing with it for so long I have forgot. for over five years the pains come and go and sometimes they aren't so bad and sometimes they have drove me to the ER just to find out there was nothing wrong. My worst pain is right in the center of my left side of my chest shooting through to my back and then it sends me into a full blown anxiety attack. Like I said I have had blood tests right after these attacks as well as blood tests and EKG, echo, and stress test and they said I had a strong healthy heart, xcept for mild mvp. Its frustrating and scary when you can't find out what the problem is but now a days instead of getting scared I make myself get mad and push through and fight the pain and it seems to go away sooner. I dont know if any of this helps but its nice to know you are not alone. And yes I could have pulled a muscle, and I lift pretty heavy at times so this could contribute. But, its funny if I take time off from working out I feel worse. The symptoms intensify and come on more frequently. Dont know what causes it just lucky I guess. Take care

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