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ASDGRMama 12-13-2005 11:50 AM

I know it frequently occurs with autoimmune conditions. I have been having it on and off since I became ill two years ago.

I was wondering if anyone else with Hashi's or Graves experiences rib cartilage inflammation. It affects the tips of my ribs where it joins to my sternum down to just above my abdomen. It's never hurt all at once...only a few of the joints become inflammed at a time. It's very painful to touch though and if the ones by my sternum are affected it hurts to take a deep breath.

Right now the lower ones hurt on the right side where the rib cage starts to curve downward.

The treatment is NSAIDS but I usually don't take anything.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

goldenwings 12-13-2005 04:54 PM

Re: Costochondritis
Hiya Kelly,

I am on her looking for something about thyroid cysts, but noticed your post. I have done quite a lot of discussions about this on the fibro board. Go into search at the right hand side top and put in "costochondritis". To date there are 44 topics on this condition.

Hope this is of help.

goldenwings :angel:

browneyegurl 12-13-2005 05:36 PM

Re: Costochondritis
Kelly, I am there right now and having the worst flare of costo ever. I have posted about it on the fibromyalgia board also. As far as thyroid is concerned, all I've been told is that I have thyroiditis and a couple of small nodules. My labs are always within normal ranges, which means everything is okay according to most doctors, but IMO my labs indicate I am heading towards hypo. I don't remember having the antibodies test, but I do recall one doctor telling me that I have them. It would just be my guess that I have Hashi's. If I do, then it appears that costo is one of my symptoms. In any event, I've tried all kinds of things for relief but have found the best thing for me is magnesium, ice or heat packs and rest, rest, rest. I share your pain. It's just an awful curse and I hope you get relief soon. BTW - what type of thyroid problem are you dealing with???

ASDGRMama 12-13-2005 08:30 PM

Re: Costochondritis
Thanks for the replies! I'll have to do that search.

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I spend most of the time hypo but have periodic flare-ups of hyper. It's been a long two years! I got sick Dec. 2003 with the flu and never got better...the achiness, malaise, etc...just got worse and symptoms slowly added on. I started treatment with thyroid meds in April and was officially diagnosed by an endo in August.

I'm finally feeling better (still a long ways from normal though). I take thyroid meds, sleep meds, hormonal contraceptives/progesterone supplements and pain meds as needed though to feel this way. I also take a few herbal supplements, a prenatal and extra cal/mag.

The costo is a bear for sure! It hurts to laugh or cough (I have a cold right now and have been trying to suppress the cough as much as possible!). Straining or stretching is painful too. These conditions are just so bizarre! I never dreamed that the cartilage at the tips of your ribcage could ever develop isolated inflammation and pain unless injured! It just kind of comes on injury or just appears.

Just one more thing to chalk up to my every growing list of weird symptoms.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

Deda 12-14-2005 03:10 AM

Re: Costochondritis
hi Kelly...

I have Hashi's thyroiditis too, and last year, when my levels were really hypo, (T4 was even below the range) I came down with that costochondritis curse too. It was thee worst pain entire chest felt like it was beaten broken ribs, or something horrible like that. My sternum, especially, felt like it was in a vise! SO VERY PAINFUL!! There was a small spot on my sternum, if barely touched, I practically jumped and screamed! I remember that I couldn't wear a bra, as it hurt even more to wear I had to go braless, which I hate. :( I also noticed that being in a cold place made it seem to hurt when we went into cold restuarants. (It was summer when it was at it's worst)

At the same time, I was suffering from acid reflux, really extreme. My whole chest was killing me, and it seemed like it would never go away!! I cried a lot! :(
All the Dr. told me to do was take 800 mg Motrin and ice it. (I tried the motrin for about a month, it never helped, even a little bit). I bought a microwave heating pad, (Bed Buddy), and kept that thing on my chest all day long there, for a while. It truly sucked!

I'm not sure how long it lasted, but it seemed at least 6 to 8 months, it was really bad. Then it was moderate pain for a few months. Today, it's gone, thank God! :) My levels were optimized about 2 months ago...after being on meds for 27 months. I will never forget that pain! Altho, it's not the only place I've had extreme pain.

Hang in there will go away, I promise you...


merrillin 12-14-2005 11:39 AM

Re: Costochondritis
I had a period about 2 years ago where my ribs would feel broken off and on, it was so, so weird. I didn't know, nor did the dr's what it was. I guess now, looking back it was because of the hashi' just never know what all it is doing to you, do you?


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