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jltk 09-06-2003 04:19 PM

costochondritis or Tietze syndrome???
I really don't know which board to post this on. I have pain in the center of my chest just below the sternum. Also, I have a hard lump there. I found costocondritis on the internet and it seemed to fit. Has anyone ever heard of it. I will see doc on Mon. but this is a little scary now. Thanks,

halika2 09-06-2003 04:58 PM

From my internet research that the two are different things, though often mistakenly lumped together. I don't quite remember what the difference is between them. Have you looked it up via the I-net?

I have pain in my ribcage when you press on it, and lumps. I also get burning pain from pressure on my right side, from the ribcage to the hip area.

This makes it especially difficult to wear bras and waistbanded clothes. I've resorted to bib overalls and jumpsuit shorts.

I don't know whether to consider what I have chostocondritis, of just myofascial pain syndrome. I don't think anyone else would know either.

From what I've read those two problems cause pain like a heart attack, which my mom who also has fibro has experienced.

Have you talked to your doc? They would probably put you through a bunch of heart tests to rule that out. I didn't have those, but ultrasound of the ribcage, but my mother at 65 had all the heart tests - two different times!!

Good luck - Darlene

Soleil11 09-06-2003 08:21 PM

Well, it is hard to say since PT has called it costochondritis, I have exactly what you have ever since an auto accident 3yrs. ago. Then, I am diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome at one time and go to PT right now to have the pain worked on and they ultrasound the rib-sternum junction. Said they have had some success with some people, not all.
I am now responding to treatment. It hurts to have this very much, affects breathing when really flaring. I thought maybe I was having heart problems, couldn't breathe right and couldn't bear the pain. The sternum is better now after 2mos. of PT w/ultrasound once a week on it. I also then get deep tissue work on back and mid-back for knife like pain and muscle knots. It is helping finally. I look forward to treatments as it helps. I then follow with chiro immediately afterwards and they are stretching me on a table. It all is helping with this chondritis and myofascial pain. Hope this helps. Please get to treatment as I know every day with it is unbearable and we can't function with it. Soleil

jltk 09-08-2003 02:27 PM

Thank-you for answering. I am trying to get an appt with doc. I also have Multiple schelrosis (dx 9yrs). I wondered if that can contribute. I think it feels better today. What tests should I expect to dx. chondritis? (not including heart tests)
Thanksw again---Kathy

Soleil11 09-08-2003 06:57 PM

Kathy, I also am diagnosed with MS. I don't know if there is a correlation, tho, to costochondritis. I also had an auto accident as I said in above post and my ribs and rib/sternum and mid-back have been only getting worse ever since.
There are no tests for it other than a good exam and history. They know by description and where the pain is and that hard lump you described. I have to tell you I didn't think it would ever be less painful again, until I changed PT clinics. My dr. sent me for myofascial pain release massage, stretch and deep tissue work along with the ultrasound put on the sternum and lump and on the back,(wraps around with the ribs to the mid-back).Then, they do massage therapy afterwards and I do stretches at home given me for rib expansion and breathing.
Had another PT appt. today and I could report when they ask "how are you doing", better! Never thought I'd be saying that. It is like a house of horror to live with costochondritis. You can't think of anything except how much it hurts and not breathing right. I am getting better. Then, I went to the chiro who adjusts the ribs.(not every time!) A couple get put back in and it is painful and then you gradually get better with the combined treatments. I hope this helps you, be sure to buy MSM supplement and I do take pain medication and muscle relaxant. I am not on ABC drugs for MS, but a natural approach to MS with diet. Soleil

Soleil11 09-08-2003 07:01 PM

Kathy, one more thing, probably MS doesn't help the situation as they have said the spasticity just contributes to the tight pulling in rib cage. So, in that repect it is a contributor to the discomfort. Soleil

jltk 09-09-2003 09:49 PM

Hi Soleil, Thanks for the info. Does the costo also affect the digestion of your food. I have some swallowing probs due to MS but ever since this has happened I seem to have a difficult time with food going thru it seems to stick in my diaphram and take several hours to go down. Does this sound like part of cost? I would like to know so I can know the right questions for doc. Thanks so much, Kathy

Soleil11 09-15-2003 12:15 PM

Kathy, been gone for a bit, sorry it has taken so long to respond. I do have some of that swallowing difficulty. I know the feeling of food feeling stuck in the diaphragm. I am not a dr. so this is only a guess, but I would think our food and swallowing difficulties are muscle incoordination.
Have you had your appt. yet? I am still getting better with the PT massage on muscles and the ultrasound they do to the rib/sternum junction and some of the back over the ribs back there. It has been 3 mos. now at once a week. I live a long ways from treatment or would have gone twice a week. I continue to see an improvement and pain medication is being more effective now and muscle medication as well. You have to have pain medication with this, strong as the the pain had been unbearable. I also continue to have chiro after PT appts. And, do the stretches for the rib cage. Let me know how you are doing. Soleil

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