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Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

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Old 01-17-2009, 12:25 PM   #1
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HopefulDoll HB User
Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone here has been through the 'hell pain' of costochondritis and actually recovered from it and can now move their upper body without fearing pain that feels like a heart attack!

Would love some replies as this is totally causing me major anxiety, along with all my other FM symptoms.


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Old 01-17-2009, 02:24 PM   #2
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deltastarr HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

Hi there, I have had Costochondritis attacks many times and they eventually go away. Some attacks last for days or more, some, just a day or even a few hours. I know what you mean about the anxiety relevant to it. I get panicky sometimes from it. I get out my blood pressure machine and take my BP and pulse sometimes when it is bad as I worry....the readout results are always normal. It still creeps me out though. Years ago, before I ever heard of Fibro and Costo., I'd get that horrible pain and even went to E.R. a few times. One E.R. doc finally mentioned Costo. and explained it to me after doing EKG and blood gas tests and such. IT IS CREEPY tho, no matter what! I can relate. I use a heating pad sometimes. Tylenol for inflammation. Still, it seems to take its good ole time and do what it wants when it wants. Is cause for celebration when it finally goes. Then, I can concentrate better on my other Fibro symptoms. Hugs/Blessings. Del

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fibro-worn HB Userfibro-worn HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

I also get these attacks and it is sometimes really scarey. Because they always say women don't get the bad chest pains like men do when it is a heart attack. And so how do you know the difference. If i went to er every time i had these attacks i would be there alot. I also try to check my blood pressure alot. It is a great releif when the pain passes. And now that we are having this terrible cold spell minus 20 degrees it really makes these pains worse for me.

Old 01-22-2009, 06:12 AM   #4
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HopefulDoll HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

Thanks to you both so much for your replies. It is such a scary pain.
I also hate how my whole life has changed because of it. I used to be very active, I love to salsa dance but I havent been able to do that for 4 years!
So my quality of life has gone down as dancing was my stress relief (I have major anxiety also)

Del, How long did you have costo and how did you get rid of it?

Love and Blessings,

Old 02-02-2009, 05:10 AM   #5
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martinka HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

I had a bout with costochondritis last fall and you're right, it really does hurt and when I went to the doctor the first thing they did was run and EKG to rule out a heart attack. Talk about scary! It took a few months for the inflammation to go away, and my rheumatologist prescribed a steroid dose-pak to help move things along. You will get better, but the hardest thing is to be patient when you just want the pain to go away. Hang in there!


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nick47 HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

My 15 yr old daughter has had constant, often very sharp, pain underneath her lower right rib for three months which spreads round back and general right abdominal area -plus bloating.
Doctors thought maybe IBS, gallbladder etc and did various tests.

More recently she's also had the more "normal" costo pains on the front chest area - sternum etc. Doctor said this was probably costo but "surprised" if this accounts for pains further down on right-side.

CAN ANYONE ADVISE THIS:- Can costo pains extend down from chest to tummy and lower-right side several inches from lowest rib ? Can it account for bloating (which is not a problem per se - more an extra depressant for a teenage girl)?

Gels alleviate the chest pain normally associated with - costo.
Nothing seems to help her long very painful episodes on lower right side or the bloating.

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Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

I understand the 'hell' of costo. I had it pretty badly when I started on the guafenesin protocol. I no longer have bouts of costo and, in fact, costo was the first pain to be relieved when I started on guafenesin. If you are interested in understanding this protocol, read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" by Dr. St. Amand. I've been on this protocol for 5 years and I am now wonderfully pain free. For whatever reason, some people do not have success with this medication, but for me it was a godsend.


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BelleoftheSouth HB UserBelleoftheSouth HB UserBelleoftheSouth HB UserBelleoftheSouth HB UserBelleoftheSouth HB UserBelleoftheSouth HB UserBelleoftheSouth HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

I can't pronounce the word so I wouldn't know if I had it or not.

What is it? I've seen on the Board it is pain in the Chest?


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djl HB Userdjl HB Userdjl HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

Costro is that horrible unbareable chest pain. It can feel like your having a hart attack. ( I thought I was and was taken to the ER) I deal with that. I would get pain in the Sternum sometimes mild to very severe. Then sharp almost knife like feeling even dull achy feeling on my left and right side. In the breast also I would get the horrible deep throbbing achy pain on both sides.

You can try massage, but discuss with your doctor about anti-inflammatories and I would also discuss with your doctor about taking an ant-acid with the anti-inflammatories.

This pain can unfortunatly last for months !!

I hate that chest pain thing. I have been getting it for the past 2-3 years at least. It showed up again in Aug, went away within a couple of weks, then showed back in Nov continued to recently, and was REAL bad in DEC. Thats when I ended up in the ER, then saw my GP and thats when she dx me with Fibro.

Good luck and keep us informed.
Hyster-PCOS, Adeno,everything but Cervix removed
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SAHMof2 HB User
Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

Costo was one of my First problems. I was having a Lot of bad pain in the middle of my chest. Funny but my old fashioned Dr came up with the DX immediatly! The refered me to a reumo Dr. She tested me for all the usual tests, SED rate etc.. tested me for lupus and a lot of other stuff before DX'd me with FM and CC. I Still get Really bad flares of the CC. Sometimes they last a few days and sometimes a week or more. this last one lasted almost 2 Weeks. I hurt in my Entire upper body. It felt like someone was trying to pull both of my arms off. I used to do Acupuncture but it got so expensive. I may have to try to find someway to do it again.

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Re: Costochondritis,anyone cured of this?

hi belle,
costo is inflamation of the tissue surrounding the ribcage/sternum area. it is cyclic in nature. cycles are indeterminate in time span. i use deep breathing to stretch that tissue. it hurts, yet i do it. i found over time if i shrink up with it, it hurts more. so i stretch it out. it can affect any area of the ribcage. one spot or all of it.
costo is not life threatening. only weird and painful.
ps. nick, does the bloating happen during her cycle and the pain down low in between? if so i suggest a gyn. it is possible she is having pain with ovulation. it can last a few days, especially if the falopian tube is narrow or misformed. i remember being her age and bloating up. it is hard emotionally. hug her for me. being 15 is so hard.

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