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Costocondritis update

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Old 11-16-2012, 10:31 AM   #1
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Unhappy Costocondritis update

Hello Everyone
It has been awhile since I last posted. Since I have had costo for several years pain is not the word lately I was having pain and so I had it checked out had several ECG that showed slight abnormal st abnormalities went to see a cardiologist and he did ultrasound on heart ...results are in ...nothing bad no blockage ...flow is good dr said all is good and sent me on my way I know it is costo and I havent had it for awhile but yesterday I got up did some low impact cardio but nothing strenuious ...then my chest was sore I mean to touch it was sore ....then today the soreness is still there but not as much but I have a slight pain inner breast bone on left side almost like a pinch ....not really pain pain but bothersome ...and I know it is costo but I am tired of feeling this pain ...

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to deal and treat this ..
Is there any specialist out there in T.O that can help ...or anyone seeing a specialist for this ....

Any suggestions would be helpful ...

Thanks so much

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dakotamama (12-01-2012)
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Smile Re: Costocondritis update

I would be very interested in an answer to your question as well. Along with the pain from the costo, I too had some abnormalities, but after a barrage of testing was told that my heart was healthy (other than some random bouts of skipped beats and tachycardia, which is apparently very normal).

Unfortunately, I am still struggling with the chest pain, and the back pain that goes with it. On top of the costo it seems I have some rib issues (maybe not dislocated, but certainly not aligned, possibly subluxated).

As far as treatment, I am seeing a chiropractor and a physical therapist. They are trying to work in tandem to get the ribs into place while loosening the fascia and yet building muscle to support the adjustments so the ribs stay in place once their adjusted. I have noticed some significant improvement when everything is done correctly (although I admit the tenderness from the adjustments and fascia loosening isn't always pleasant, but at least it's not chest pain!), and both the doctors I'm working with are optimistic that, given time, all will be well.

It's also been recommended to take decent doses of NSAIDS, but I've noticed those seem to have a negative effect on the "abnormalities", though I seem to be in a very small minority to have that problem. Check with your doctor and see if they recommend anything to that effect. Possibly an accompanying muscle relaxant while the adjustments are taking place? Let me know how you are doing! I am eager to see how others are able to deal with this. Good luck to you! You'll be in my prayers.

(I should say that I am NOT a doctor, and in no way qualified to give medical advice. All information contained in these posts are personal experiences only.)

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Old 12-12-2012, 11:43 AM   #3
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Re: Costocondritis update

Hello There
I havent posted for awhile but thought I would come back and give update.
I am still having the tenderness in the chest ...almost constent some days worse than others..
So far the diagnoses is as follows
ECG - Normal
Heart Ultrasound- Normal no blockages or narrowed vessels all is well
Blood Work (July) All normal
Blood Pressure - Normal
Colesteral - Normal .
Chest X-ray - Normal
Stomach Ultrasound - Normal except small cysts.Begnin
So with all these results we know it is costo which I have had for along time but got diagnosed in my early 20's 20 years latter still suffering from it ...but I have kept started to keep a log and noticed the following if it helps anyone ...

Acts up with Stress
Acts up with underwire bra
Acts up with lifting or stretching to much
Acts up close to menstral cycle (starts about 2 weeks before)
Acts up with cold weather (I try to make sure that I double up on layers)
Acts up with bad posture ..

So ...I am now trying to find ways to fight this because I still get the odd pain that comes and goes in the chest and it still scares me abit...does this happen to anyone else...
I try hot showers or baths , hot water bottles ....aleve or advil ....

But what I really want to know is if anyone gets the same thing the pain out of no where that comes and goes in the chest ...

Anyone ...

Old 02-17-2013, 04:24 PM   #4
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lilcee HB User
Re: Costocondritis update

This looks like an post but I was wondering if you found any help? I have the same kinda pain. I've had my heart checked at least 4 times for chest pains and each time they tell me my heart is fine and it's probably Fibromyalgia related. It comes and goes but this past week it's been almost constant. Cold really bothers it. Heat helps some but I can't sit all day with a heating pad. Mine seems to be in the breast bone right in the front where the ribs come together. It hurts to press on it and using my arms seems to agrivate it too.

Anyways, I was wondering if you found out anything.

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Re: Costocondritis update

Hi, I didn't have this but had other rib problems we think caused by cipro, anyway, it was pretty severe pain, on the left side, near where the elbow would naturally fall. I have a pain mgt dr. I see for other things thank goodness, and he was able to go in and inject in between two of the ribs with a steroid and the pain is almost gone. I mean you couldn't touch the skin before. He said it wasn't cost. And I have researched and you can get injections for that as well. I would definitely try it. From what I've read other places patients are given oral steroids and Motrin and rest restrictions. Just thought I'd add this cathy

Old 03-06-2013, 05:40 PM   #6
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mto2goodg HB User
Re: Costocondritis update

yes I do get the same kind of pain. I use salon pas patches and icy hot pain patches with some relief. I also use heating pad as much as possible and take prescription ibuprofen. Have tried muscle relaxant which didn't help any. Hope this may help you. I can sympathize with you for I know how bad it can hurt.

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