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FERRARI123 04-02-2013 11:36 AM

Costo Flare Up AGAIN
Hello All
Thought I would come back and check in ...seems everytime I try to break up with Costo it just doesnt get the hint ...this was one of those left field ones..
I was out shopping with my girls yesterday and was carrying around a bag with boots and a coat in it and then my heavy coat on top of that arm ...well let me tell you after awhile I got this sharp pain in upper right side of chest that went from outer rib around armpit area to sturnum ...this threw me so we went home took some advil but my panic got the best of me and went to ER ...did ecg came back normal(for me anyways) I have non spacific st abnormalities ...which the cardiologist told me was normal and no concern ...he told me either inflammed muscle or more likely costo ...well needless to say I was so angry comes on out of know where and stops me in my trackes it is sore to touch and move sometimes as well as my arm I couldnt beleive this ...I mean here I am trying to be good ...low impact cardio 3x a week 30 min ....costo stretches ..eating well and I am also preparing to give up my ONLY bad very bad vice ...I am tired of this running my life.

renko 04-03-2013 01:10 PM

Re: Costo Flare Up AGAIN
My friend though she had heart muscle problems since she was tired and short of breathe but then read up on costochondritis that she had had 10 years ago. She said she started taking advil or ibruprofen for inflammation and she is feeling so much better. I think caring anything can cause your costochondritis to flare up and become inflamed. I wish you the best. I have carpal tunnel and when I carry something in my hands too long, it becomes to ache.

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