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kkc725 06-20-2013 11:27 AM

Can Costo be everywhere on chest?
I keep reading that Costo is usually localized, but mine seems to be everywhere. I can feel like it's pressing on my heart one minute and then feel it beneath my sternum and then my lower right ribs. It also seems to radiate to the side of my back and shoulders. Can this be normal?

First started when I had heartburn and went to the hospital thinking it might be something more serious. I had chest xray and ekg, normal. A week or so later, I started to develop different chest pain symptoms - didn't feel like heartburn at all. I then had EKG, heart ultrasound, stress test, blood work - all normal. Went to rhuematologist who said it sounded like Costo.

I guess my second question is, can acid reflux/heartburn cause Costo? Seems like a coincidence that I had one following the other....

As a side note, I have had fatigue and some minor shortness of breath 'moments.' Not too alarming. Im thinking that is just anxiety from all of of this.

FERRARI123 06-25-2013 11:57 AM

Re: Can Costo be everywhere on chest?
Hi There
I have had costo since I was a teen although only got diagnosed in my 20's .
I have had it on and off through the years and yes I find it can come on out of no where and be all different kinds of places..
I usually get it in the sternum or under the ribcage sometimes on both sides .

Sounds like costo but again if your not 100% comfortable with your GP results then get it checked again .

Casangel 07-16-2013 01:13 AM

Re: Can Costo be everywhere on chest?
When I first got it, I had pain across both sides of my chest and into my shoulders, although the pain always favoured the left side. As the years have gone on, my costo has become very localised, but in trying to protect that area I get tense muscles and therefore pain in all through my left shoulder, arm and down my whole back.
I also had shortness of breath when it first started, and still do occasionally. This was primarily due to my body trying to minimise the pain - short and shallow breaths don't move the chest as much as deep breaths, therefore minimising movement in the painful area.
Interestingly too, I also thought I had heartburn when it started. In hindsight though, I had a particularly bad flu just before which may have caused both the acid reflux and the costo.

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