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jeafra10 09-23-2019 11:53 AM

Neighbor has permanent bag and severe diarrhea
I am writing this for my neighbor I just wish she could get well she's has a permanent colostomy bag and was taking 10 to 20 Lomotil and Imodium a day and cannot stop her food from going right through her it goes through her every 30 minutes no matter what pills she takes she's now taking an enzyme pill called Creon for pancreas inefficiency and that seems to make her not hungry yet she needs to eat three to four times a day she's losing weight now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated we would just like her to feel better.

MSNik 09-23-2019 06:01 PM

Re: Neighbor has permanent bag and severe diarrhea
It sounds like she is taking too strong a dosage... have her call her doctor and ask if the dosage can be reduced..

I don't have a bag, but when I was on those meds for constipation, it turned to severe diarrhea and they stopped my dosage except for once a day; everything fixed itself immediately.

She needs to talk to her doctor because she is risking dehydration if she keeps up like this.

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