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  • crohn's or perhaps adhesions gone crazy?

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    Wink crohn's or perhaps adhesions gone crazy?

    Hi all,

    Hope you all are feeling better than you were earlier!

    I have a question and need someone's common sense since I lost mine when a drunk driver hit me almost head on over a year and a half ago.

    I have had Crohns's Colitis and Crohn's Disease, since about age 12, for a long time since I'm almost 52 year young!

    My qustion is this.

    If you where having symptoms of crohn's disease in your small intestines only and all tests, even that dangerous PilCam test, showed no active Crohn's but then again there could be active crohn's since the PilCam got caught in me and after a month it's still stuck in me. Grrrrr.... and my gastro doc said that only less than .019 percent of the people who swallow this cordless camera and they wire u up to electrodes that attach to this box that collects the imagines from the PilCam. but this test could result in the camera getting stick in you somewhere along you gastro intestinal tract. My gut instincts told me not to have it done but I didn't listn and now I'm really confused.

    My gastrodoc seems to think I need sugery to repair the strictures that the Pilcam did show but not very clearly and I asked him about the small bowel follow through done about two months ago and he said it showed no active crohn's in my small intestines or strictures.. They did a CT scan back in Oct and from that my colorectal surgeon said it was adhesions that where causing me to have this horrific coliky pain from time to time when something with a lot of fiber gets to the two areas where I had parts of my small intestines removed. 12 ft to be exact. No jejunum, no deodenum and misssing ten feet of my terminal ileum along with my appendix.

    Now my surgeon said I could go ahead with the surgery but as anyone who's had surgery knows it just causes more adhesions in a person's gut or wherever the surgeon is cutting into. I asked him if I chose not to undergo surgery would it be or could it turn into something more nasty and he said no, it's not life threatening IF all the information he got from my bumbling gastro doc was correct. I'm not sure he got all the radiologists information but I will find out when i see that dang pea brain gastroenterologist in two weeks.

    So I'm sitting here deciding should I risk it and have the surgery since everytime I've gone under the knife some major complication takes place. I woke up once and noticed at age 12 that they where giving me the wrong blood type!!! I freaked out since I was in Children's Hospitals ICU and started yelling for a nurse accussing them of trying to kill me with the wrong blood type. I was lucky I caught that in time she said and gave me a shot of gamma goblin and I was OK. Then one time the pump on the nasogastric tube wasn't working and it felt like my gut was going to explode until I noticed the pump wasn't plugged in after surgery. I threw my bedpan out in the hallway because I couldn' t talk due to the breathing tube they had down my throat all thru this surgery and until I came off of the anesthesia.

    There where other horror stories but I had to place them all behind me since I now live in a different state but it's not noted for having great hospitals. I love my sugeon for being so honest with me but I just know my gastrodoc is going to say why don't you get the surgery. He doesn't seem to understand how nervous it makes me. I even went to have a baby delivered and it even turned into a nightmare. She was suffering fetal distress and my blood pressure was going thru the roof even though my pulse was dropping dangerously low. Nothing made sense even to the four or five doctor's that caem in to see me. Finally after my daughter's heart stopped and i just about had to do a back flip they had me in the ER room and put me under General Anesthesia, all for what I t hgouht was a no brainer giving birth to a baby in a hospital setting and not at home with a midwife , which was what I wanted but couldn't find one in time. Lucky I didn't I told myself afterwards.

    Even a simple trip to the dentist ends wtih something major league wrong with my mouth from previous dental f-ups.

    These are just a few of the nasty things they did to me in that hospital or any hospital anywhere. I'm jinxed even the doctor's the last time I almost bled to death and my doctor told me it was just IBS and I know you do not pass clots of blood if you just have irritalble bowel and not inflamatory bowel disease. The two are alke yes but there is one gigantic difference. With
    IBS there is no blood in your stool, perhaps a little bit of mucous and you either go too much or can't go at al. with IBD you have all the same symptoms of IBS except you do pass blood, vomit , are constantly nauseated, and run a low grade fever, have eye inflamations and joint pains along with a low grade fever. With a low grade fever you can loose weight along with having no appetite due to the cramps you may get shortly after youe eat anything. Wel, I don't get the cramps or vomiting but I do have weight loss but I've been loosing weight since I was hit by that drunken bum from Allen TX. back in Oct of 2004. Adhesions and I know I have a hole gut full of them being opened up four times now. So should I risk it and not have the surgery that may or may note help the crohn's since it is inactive or should i go thru with it only to find out that they missed something important on every modern test they give a person with Gastro Intestinal disorders who have a long long history of having Crohn's Disease and Crohn's colitis. I know there are no gurantees with surgery just as there are none wthi life but if I can manage to heal mysefl, and I honesltly think I can then why go thru with something that could or would most likely land me back into the hospital wth different stricture caused by adhesions two to four years later.

    Choices are a hard thing to make and usually when I don't get a strong gut feeling tempered with logic then it's either the wrong time or I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time and I alway step back until I'm almost 100% sure that I know what I must do as an adult and not a frightened child.

    So opinions please?? If n ot you all take care and *peace profound to you and yours*
    KathyZ SRC

    I'd appreciate any opinions you may have just be gentle. I's my first time I posted to any newsgroup!

    *peace profound*
    XOXO KathyZ XOxOX

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    Re: crohn's or perhaps adhesions gone crazy?

    Hi Silky, Sorry to hear you've gone through so much, but you seem to have a good handle on your body. Whether it is adhesions, or the Crohn's acting up, there are risks associated with both. Maybe it would help to write a list of pros and cons for each procedure/option and weigh it out that way.

    Sorry I cannot help. I just wanted to reply and let you know you're not alone here

    I noticed your post is fairly old. Have you made a decision yet? I also noticed that your um, not too fond of your doc. Have you ever sought out another? A "fresh pair of eyes"? (As my GP says). I have been to 5 different doctors, not counting the quacks in the ER.

    My doctor thinks I have Crohn's, mainly affecting my small bowel. After reading on adhesions, I could also have that, as I have had a c-section and a D+C, both of which can cause adhesions. The battery of testing is not fun though, and is a long process.

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    Re: crohn's or perhaps adhesions gone crazy?

    Thanks For All Your Words Of Wisdom.

    *peace Profound To You And Yours*
    Kathyz Src

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