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cath1024 07-04-2006 11:55 AM

Crohns Pain and Bowel Loop Dropped?
A little about me before i begin-

I diagnosed with Crohns Diease about 20 yrs ago. I am 36 and have 2 kids 8yrs and 1 yr.

I have been free of all meds for the past 8 yrs since i had my right ovary removed when i had a Csection with my son. The dr found a large benign tumor on my ovary.
After that ovary was removed i seemed to all of a sudden become pain free from any crohns symptoms and my dr took me off all meds. I was beginning to wonder if all the pain was from the tumor and not the crohns at all!

Anyways the 6 few months i was beginning to feel alot of crampy tenderness in my lower ab area (both sides and center)

I made an appt with my gastro dr and he ran a CT scan to check things out and also put me on a med callled ENTOCORT 9mg a day.
My gastro dr is on holidays so i went in to see my family dr for the results.
She looked over the result and said there was inflamtion from the crohns and also something about a loop of my small bowel that was drooped down in my pelvis whihc was likely what was causing the extreme tenderness im having down in the low abdomen.

I have very high anxiety as it is and this is topping me over the edge with worry .... my dr has had to put me on anxiety pills to help me keep my sanity.

Has anyone heard about this and is it something bad?

Oh i also want to add that i also had an U/S which showed a 3.9 cystic lesion on my left ovary .... so now im all confused if the pain if from that or the bowel that dropped or the crohns!

MrsQueeZ 07-06-2006 02:10 PM

Re: Crohns Pain and Bowel Loop Dropped?
I wish I could help you out. Sounds like you have a lot of things going on at once! I had diverticulitis and needed a colon resection when they also decided I needed a hysterectomy. Not fun, trying to figure out what is what, and who you need to see, and when. On top of that, it seemed like my gyn. and the colon dr. had different opinions about what to do from time to time, which was difficult for me to sort out. Please don't rule out that you may need to have your remaining ovary checked out. It's wonderful how stable your Chrohns has been for so long. I bet it's like a slap in the face to have it rear its ugly head. Make sure you feel totally satisfied with the information, and the recommendations before you let the doctors send you on your way!!!

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