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schragie 04-12-2008 04:12 AM

Anemia caused by Crohn's Disease Meds?
Hi All,

My mom was diagnosed with anemia, possibly due to a medication she takes for Crohn's called 6-MP (mercaptopurine). She's been getting B-12 and Procrit infusions but her counts are still low (8) and today she is getting a blood transfusion. Her gastro is lowering the 6MP, her bone marrow biopsy was inconclusive, and I'm really worried for her. Has anyone here with Crohn's/Colitis had medication-induced anemia? They haven't taken my mom off the drug completely since she needs it for her Crohn's.

Thanks for reading this!


ChristineVA 04-12-2008 05:43 AM

Re: Anemia caused by Crohn's Disease Meds?

Just from reading here for months, I haven't come across a post that might relate to your mother's situation.

Have you tried find a board on Crohn's Disease where there might be many people who use the same meds as your mother?

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