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purplepain18 05-08-2009 09:59 AM

Chron's Disease?
I been ill since 2007 on and off, it was really bad for about 6/7 months and then it went away and then came back in january of this year, worse then ever. sometimes i can even walk or stand up straight, its mainly on my left hand side, i always need the toilet with blood in my stools sometimes, and i am sick almost everyday, i have lost about 2 stone. i have had blood test after blood test, all showing imflammation, raised ESR raised platlets, some thing wrong with my liver function....
then i had a colonoscopy on tuesday, and i'm still waiting for the results, My doctor is a specialist in bowel problems, and said one possibilty is chron's disease, i was just curious to know what its like to live with chron's? when its being controlled. its ruining my life, i can't go out, because i need the toilet alot and i cant use public toilets, or its because i'm being sick, i can hardly eat anything, i have low blood pressure, sinking into depression and all these other problems.
i was just wondering is it always like this with chron's?

i guess from this post, i am wanting to know what your experiences are with this disease.....

please please please get back to me

thank you

mescalin 06-29-2010 08:09 AM

Re: Chron's Disease?

I have had Crohn's for almost 10yrs but was only diagnosed 3yrs ago. The drug treatment has not been so successful for me because the disease had caused so much permanent scaring over the years. There was a period of calm when they started me on Azathioprine, was fine for a while and managed to reduce problems by sticking to a low fiber diet. However, I still ended up in hospital a few times.

Things are looking bright now though, I am 5wks after an operation in which they removed the damaged bowel section. The next phase of the treatment is to take the right drugs in order to halt the reoccurrence of the disease. Hopefully I could have 5-10yrs of normality.



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