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CameoND 04-21-2011 12:08 PM

Crohn's - tremors, agitataion, muscle quivers?
Does anyone else have these weird symptoms with Crohn's? Fatigue, muscle quivers or feeling overworked, weird eye stuff (perifieral vision off), feeling like you are quivering all over inside your body and like your head might explode? I've had a long period where I didn't have these symtoms and now they are back. Sometimes they happen after I eat, sometimes it is before I eat. Anyone have insight into these weird symptoms?

quincy 04-22-2011 11:53 AM

Re: Crohn's - tremors, agitataion, muscle quivers?
Hi...what medications are you on?


CameoND 04-22-2011 12:41 PM

Re: Crohn's - tremors, agitataion, muscle quivers?
I am not taking any medications. I am taking a probiotic and fiber. So far, five years after diagnosis, this has kept things pretty well in check.

quincy 04-22-2011 10:56 PM

Re: Crohn's - tremors, agitataion, muscle quivers?
Where exactly is your CD? Good you're doing well regarding that. But I don't think your issue is necessarily because of CD.

I can relate to how you feel, although not necessarily after eating. Sometimes before if I've gone too long between meals. Actually I feel how you describe a lot, I actually equate a lot of it to sore muscles, tension, sinus sensitivities, anxiety, etc. Massage helps.

You should, however, have blood tests done, your blood pressure taken, sugar levels, thyroid, etc and tell your doctor how you're feeling. I would think it would be beter to see your family/general doc rather than GI. .

How are you eating otherwise? Have you totally cut out certain foods? what's your diet like generally?

Sometimes the digestive process or even just peristalsis can cause nausea or weird feelings. Sometimes pressure on the vagas nerve can cause weird feelings... I wonder if it's that?


CameoND 04-23-2011 07:06 PM

Re: Crohn's - tremors, agitataion, muscle quivers?
Interesting ideas about the vagus nerve. I just have a feeling that when I begin food digestion, I get all these weird feelings. I did have this previously and attributed it to the iodine die used during testing. After I discovered that I had iodine in my multi-vitamin, I switched vitamins to have one without and began to feel much better. I even had thyroid testing because they thought my thyroid was off. Turned out it was after affects from the iodine die. No more iodine die for me.

I don't have any dietary restrictions really. I eat pretty much what I want because one day it makes me feel terrible and the next day I'm fine with it - salad for example - one day bad, a week later, just fine.

Yes, I think I need to go for an overall checkup and do some blood work.

quincy 04-24-2011 12:01 AM

Re: Crohn's - tremors, agitataion, muscle quivers?
Wow, iodine...interesting. I think there are some foods higher in iodine, maybe searching a list out of curiosity would be a good thing for observance and if you do eat them.

Definitely let me know how you're doing. I think some of us just feel crappy and are reactive more "willy nilly". The fact that there's no consistency regarding a trigger can be most frustrating. But, that doesn't mean to not test for some things.

A few weeks ago I felt totally crappy all of a sudden. I thought my heart was racing or my pulse was going wacky and I had a headache. Not that any of those have never happened before, but it was so sudden.

My husband suggested for me to take my blood pressure. To my shock it was 160/90!! I soon should make that appointment with my doc to enquire and get checked. My pulse was fine..68. So, I have questions regarding the why...have to do the research. I've had days where it's much lower...but I have to be really consistent in taking it at regular intervals.

Oh, I forgot to add that reflux can cause those feelings. It's common for those of with a IBD to have reflux. You could try Zantac a half hour before you eat and see if that helps. I would use the 75mg, however.

I have reflux too and can feel like crap especially after falling asleep slightly reclined after eating. Reflux can also bother my asthma.

I think the why is best to find out....the game's afoot Watson!

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