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Corina Sell 05-07-2011 05:34 AM

Appendix and 40cm of bowel removal
Hey guys... I'm back!!!
So after successfully controlling my UC through diet, managing to adjust my diet to be 90% vegetarian (personal preference) and even managing to introduce diet shakes without to much problems and successfully lose 4kg this year...

I went into emergency with 'appendix like' pains.

It turns out my appendix and the top of my bowel got tangled, part of my bowel flipped and started dying and I had to have both my appendix and 40cm of bowel removed.

I now have a cut longways down my belly and am 9 days post operation. I would feel similar to anyone that has had cancer removed from their bowel, or has had to have a portion or bowel removed for any reason.

I have a number of questions:

- This morning I got very dizzy for a good half hour and was close to passing out in the shower. I had just eaten a large breaky. What could be causing this?
- How long until the pain goes away?
- How long until I get my energy back?
- How long until I can drive?
- How long until my bowel movements go back to "normal?"
- This part of my bowel had been completely unaffected by my UC in the past, will this operation have an effect on my UC?
- What foods help?
- What foods should I avoid?
- How long until I can go to the gym again?
- Will my belly ever go back to looking flat(ish) again?
- I lost an additional 2kg through my 11 day hospital stay - That's now 6KG's since Jan - Am I likely to put it back on in the next few weeks?

Any help anyone can give me would be great! I'm so frustrated because I'd been so healthy!

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