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harmlou 08-08-2011 08:14 AM

smoking and uc
I am a 60 yr. old female who has had mostly moderate colitis flare-ups since diagnosis in my early twenties. My worst prolonged flare-ups happened whenever I tried to quit smoking which ultimately led to resumption of the habit. Having been sympton free for many months however, chest pains led to diagnosis of 99% blockage of a main artery to my heart and emergency double by-pass heart surgery, and of course, no more smoking. Thus, a horrid flare-up of colitis. Having been presribed steroid drugs, enemas, and prednisone(all to no avail) I discovered some promising medical studies on-line using nicotine patches. I have been on the patches for about two weeks and am finally seeing some relief. I am using 21mg. patches and will scale down to 7mg. patches if the symptoms continue to subside. I also found some on-line studies done with aloe vera gel caps which I started two days ago. Too early to say but some additional remission seems to have come from the aloe as well. Just trying to provide alternative help to anyone out there who may have similar symptoms as I have had. Please let me know if anyone has tried any of the above?

hartsfieldl 08-08-2011 07:27 PM

Re: smoking and uc
I've had similar experiences--at least with smoking and transdermal nicotine patches. A great deal of research supports the use of nicotine to bring ulcerative colitis into remission, and I've written quite a bit about this in my book: "A Journey to Health: Overcoming Inflammatory Bowel Disease." I now smoke a pipe with organic tobacco and that helps keep my symptoms under control--you don't inhale a pipe so it's not nearly as bad for you as smoking cigarettes although it's not healthy either. I have some success with the patches but not consistently.

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