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SickinNJ 01-03-2012 01:52 PM

2 weeks into being diagnosed with UC
I am early into this, I was diagnosed on the 21st started taking Asacol HD the next day. I had a bad flare which is what prompted the GI visit. My fever got to 104 and I could not stop the diarrhea for 4 days.

Right before that I had pains/a numb feeling in my lower back to lower stomach. I am experiencing that same feeling now, but not everyday. Can you have a bad flare on asacol?

I have not had the diarrhea since the flare, but I do have Type 5 stool on bad days. Is this normal, does a flare always need to have diarrhea?

quincy 01-04-2012 01:58 AM

Re: 2 weeks into being diagnosed with UC you know the extent of your UC...meaning is it throughout or limited (to where)?

Just a basic thing about UC starts at the rectum and continues upward. It heals from up to downward, so the rectum will be the first and the last....think of a thermometer and the bulb area the rectum.

When one has inflammation, it comes in incriments, one of which is the most obvious of diarrhea, bleeding, multiple bms, urgency, pain upon having bms, etc.

Diarrhea usually happens when the inflammation is extended to high in the rectum/sigmoid and above.

If your bms are more formed or soft and you're having less bms...that inflammation would more than likely be a result of starting to heal and the limitation being in the rectum, or very mild inflammation above and more intense in the rectum.

You're on Asacol's an oral topical med that is dispursed into the colon. But it won't treat the rectum effectively.

You should get back to the GI and request mesalamine retention rectal meds. If you're in Canada, that would be Salofalk, if you're in the US, that would be Rowasa or generic mesalamine.

The both ends approach is very effective...that's all I've used in 23 years.

Recognise these symptoms, for once all is going nicely and your flare is finished, they could be what you should notice when you're starting to flare the next time.

These are symptoms that many miss because they aren't the most obvious. But like I said, if all is good and a flare is starting... constipation, excessive gas/bloating, rectal discomfort, mucous, etc would mean a flare is's just limited to the rectum at that point.

Think the thermometer going upwards.

Now not all have full extensive inflammation, and if you treat flares early with the rectal meds, your flares will be much less intent. The goal for me is to keep them limited to the lower rectum.


SickinNJ 01-04-2012 08:38 AM

Re: 2 weeks into being diagnosed with UC
Also, today I have less gas pain I have more a warm feeling in my lower abdominal. Feels like I should have to go but I can't, from what your saying this was a flare. My problem is I don't know what to expect from a flare and I get nervous when I am not sure what is going on. I will ask my GI at my appointment tomorrow about where my UC is, he told me after the test and sent me home with papers but I was a little knocked out.

I was thinking about what you wrote, maybe I am just healing. I am so new at this I don't know what to expect to feel. Thanks for the help, I just want to get to the next 2 days....

quincy 01-04-2012 10:04 AM

Re: 2 weeks into being diagnosed with UC
Healing, but still in a do need to ask for rectal meds. Trust me on this, use them now, use them later...better now. Retention enemas would be better than suppositories.

They should be used nightly till all is normal...then tapered to every second night for a while, then every third.

The best maintenance seems to be using them twice a week...but I used to taper to once a week.

Basically, our experience is our teacher...what to expect and what we experience can be different. My suggestion is to pay attention to symptoms, try not to panic and know how to use your meds effectively.

For cramping, I use dicyclomine. My doc started me off with 10mg, and that was a comfort-saver.


louise1956 01-04-2012 01:45 PM

Re: 2 weeks into being diagnosed with UC
:)Hi again...Hope you are doing better with your UC sysmptoms...The one thing I seem to remember the most was the urgency I began having after a while. I was a severe case and could only get into remission with high doses of steroids. I could start the car in the morning and begin pulling out the of driveway only to have to come back into the house to go to the bathroom. I mapped out every service station, porta potty, fast food and stores with convienient bathrooms any time I had to go somewhere. But I also think everyone is so different with their UC. Milk products didn't seem to bother me, but a touch of chili powder or chocolate would set me off. Flares are the pits. Stay away from alcohol. My gastenterologist explained it was like pouring lemon juice on a cut. The cramping is painful...I like the suggestion of the heating pad or a warm bath. The warm bath also is good for rectal burning some people get from the multiple BM's. It's like having the flu contantly except when you are in remission. Try orange flavored metamucil after each meal if your stools are bulks them up so you don't go so often....Will continue to check in on you...Good luck and hang in there. You never know what to expect from day to day so it is important to just take one day at a time, educate yourself and your family, and remember there are alot of us going through it with you and we are all here to help you whenever we can.:)

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