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SickinNJ 02-29-2012 07:33 AM

really soft stool

I am new to this, just diagnosed in December, so I have some questions on symptoms some times. Monday night I ate tacos, ground beef, in a corn shell. I don't normally eat ground beef at all but I figured once in a while you have to splurge. I think I am paying for that now, yesterday I had really bad gas...the pain was not bad but it was very annoying. I took gas ex and by the end of the day it helped, as I passed some. I had nothing unusual yesterday except the SCD homemade chicken soup. That I made Thursday night late and put it in the fridge for Friday and Saturday freezing it Sunday for the week. I don't think that was bad. But this morning I wok up early and had a movement I have never had before.

It was not DH, but it was very soft and snake like. I went a lot and then had a lot of gas at the end. Is this a flare or something that just did not agree with me? Right now my stomach is up in the air, little all over but I have not gone again. What should I eat today to settle this down and should I be concerned.

Please help!

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